25 July 2009

Personal Review

Well it's been quite some time since I last wrote a rather personal review bout things going on in my life. Down with the exams and rush for the lessons, my life has been occupied with lots of things as such that my regular online routine had been disrupted.

So far so good with the Japanese language studies. Just started the 2nd level studies, which is naturally much harder than the 3rd level. It's progressing goodly so far, but it's still a long way to go until I can use the language fluently, let it be speaking and writing.

There're a few sudden changes in norm where I was forced to accept the ordeal and carried on with life although there'll be a black spot in my book of history. I don't particularly like that kind of experience, but that's what makes me a better person in later life.


I wouldn't say life is that stressful to me, compared to what others had to suffer from job-related stress or so mine was nothing at all. I should be grateful of how I am right now.

This coming summer holiday I already had some plans on my organiser. I would say that it's gonna be busy but enjoyable~ Just hope things will be going on well for me. :)

Besides that, soon I'm gonna get myself a part-time job here, to earn a little money to support my living expenses over here, which generally known to be very expensive (Tokyo, #1 expensive city in Asia). Good thing is that at least their part-time job salary is quite hig, so it should be enough to support myself I guess.


I would describe life at the moment as floating. Lots of ups and downs..... and still need some time before it reaches the destination to settle down.....

Appreciate and learn from every moment, from the places I've been to, the people I've met, the things I've done....

'til then, do enjoy some sushis from Tokyo. :P

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  1. dont snap pic and said "enjoy sushi from japan", bring them back. haha

    hey when are u coming back to malaysia? been some time didnt chat with u already. busy recently?