05 July 2009

First visit to Shobi University

Am kinda excited and looking forward to visit the university campus today. Woke up 15 mins earlier before the alarm rang. It's always good that you wake ahead of alarm instead after it, heh.

The Shobi University's campus I'm visiting is located at Kami-Fukuoka, Kawagoe City, Saitama prefecture (埼玉県 川越市 上福岡). It's located north-east from Tokyo in the suburbs.

Headed out at 0823 from my room. Changing train from JR Yamanote line at Ikebukuro to the Tobu Tojo line isn't that complicated. Train interchanging in Tokyo isn't that complicated once you tried it for a few times. Trains' maps are available for free at the train station.

Reached the Shima-Fukuoka station at 0940. Waited for the university's free shuttle bus to pick the students up.

Was like 10 mins late from the tentative starting time 1000, but anyway I didn't miss much as they would just talking about filling the survey form. Noticed most of those present for the open-campus were Japanese, especially high school students.

Was given a tour for the 5 major fields in the Information Representation Department (情報表現学部). Had the chance to see some of the equipments available in the university, such as a few grand pianos for the student to practise, and a room full of keyboards.

The highlight of the tour would be the visit to the live performance studio, where we're being shown how to manage a live studio performance which we've usually seen on TV.
It's interesting to see how they apply the crossfading, visual effects, switching the camera views etc in the studio, and you can see the real-time result on the main screen. Cool!

Later visited the audio recording studio, something which I'm greatly interest in. Too bad it's just a basic briefing with a rather simple song sample.

Lunch time was cut short with the extra briefings. Settled it with 2 onigiris, a salmon flavoured and another fish roe flavoured. Messed up the onigiri packaging, tearing the nori (seaweed)... ughh....

1240, got to try out what is it like to study in the university. The "trial class" I joined is mainly about making sound effects with computer.

Am shocked to see the age of the computers there, running on Windows 2000!! Reminiscence struck when I heard the pre-XP's Windows startup sound hahah. I dunno when is the last time I heard it, probably 7 or 8 years ago?
Anyway the computer does fitted with something eye-catchy to me.

Creative Sound Blaster Audigy sound card.

The trial class is just a brief introduction on how to edit simple sounds using Sound Forge. Doing basic things like cut, paste and synthesis the sample track.

It's not something new to me, as I've play around with Audacity before which has similar functions too.

Trial class ends around 1410. Then waited awhile for my turn to speak to one of the lecturers. Coincidentally the one I speak to was the lecturer who gave us the trial class moments ago.

A friendly lecturer he is. I gave my feedback that the class was kinda simple, and he replied saying that he can't jump into more complicated and technical parts of sound studies yet because those high schoolers might not understand anything at all.
Once I'm done with the questioning, I left the campus around 1550.

I didn't took many pics though, as I see no one doing it so I better don't make myself look silly.

The plaza near the entrance.

A corner of the campus.

Waiting for the train heading back to Ikebukuro, Tokyo. Most of the time the train arrived sharp at the stated time.

Commuting fee cost 310 + 400 yen to get from my hostel to the university. Times 2 for the returning journey, so totally spent 1,420 yen just on traveling. Kinda costly huh.... ~MYR 52.

So what can I say about Shobi University? The environment is pretty simple but that's just nice for study. With the large field and trees near the campus, surely it kinda feels good to study in. But then, maybe is because today's Sunday, no one's studying, so kinda too quiet to my liking.

Anyway, I'll be coming here again to check out more stuffs. Gonna be joining the 2 more trial classes in coming August. Also, I'm gonna take more pics that time then.

Briefly stopped by Ikebukuro's BicCamera to check out audio stuffs before heading back to hostel after a tired day.
The Sony's noise-cancelling earphone seems attractive, able to cancel out the sound of the noisy department store well. Love the colour and the sound quality.

Sony MDR-NC33. 7,980 yen.
Sony MDR-NC33 noise canceling earphone
Well then, that will just briefly put in what I've been doing for today. Kinda exhausted, another busy week to come....

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