09 June 2009

Life in Japan Report

It has been slightly more than 2 months since I first landed here in Japan on 2nd of April.

Ah well, so far it has been OK, though having ups and downs within my mind is something I don't really like, but it can't be helped as I'm here not just to study Japanese language, but to live all by myself, to be independent.

Since I've started to cook, so can save quite some money from dining outside. Now slowly to get used to the budget life. Eating out is like a luxurious nowadays.

Might not looked the best but hey at least it's edible!

Applied for the part-time permit after persuading my teacher, tentatively will get the permit by next month.
Should be start working by end of July or maybe August. Still not sure what I plan to work part-time though, either as restaurant helper or maybe some job if got anyone introduce me to do.

I understand that by working according to the Japanese law I can barely made it to cover my monthly expenses, but anyway if I can ask lesser money from the family, it's good enough.

The family understands that I still need some money as a backup in case of emergency, or when I needed it.

Talk about the Japanese language, I think I've getting slightly better in speaking out.
Though I may scored quite well for written test, I still have a lot to catch up when communicating in Japanese. It is said that working part-time can greatly improve our speaking.


Ah well.... from time to time I will still have bits of homesick. Looking back at those KL pics, the food, the people, the places..... induce the urge to fly back to KL hahah....
Although it's said that Tokyo is a better city, but I still find my "soul" back in KL, heh. There are something special about KL, which is why people would like it in some ways after they went there.

If only KL can improve it's security and hygiene, it would be a great city for all. :)

Anyway, I'm likely to back in KL during the end of Feb, 2010. I hope I can get all my university applications done by then, cross-fingers....


  1. haha we can never deny that home is where the heart is :)

  2. naturally lol....
    btw i kinda like Aussie's fish n chips, had once back then when I was in Perth for short visit. Tasted nice, but kinda fattening if regularly eat lol.

  3. haha ya they're pretty good, i eat them abt once every 2 weeks haha, ironically my favorite lunch is chicken katsu don lolol, but cant eat too often due to price >.<