06 April 2009

Video: Japan update #01

Inspired by CJYKJ to do so lol....


  1. Took by ur new IXY?

    Maybe can take some sakura and make it into bookmark or what? then u can give it to me, hahahaha!

    Dont be so nervous, relax, relax, haha..

    LOL, smell of the hometown!

  2. Chill. Cant really grasp at the beginning, getting well in the end. You should do this more often.

    lol. =)

  3. Btw We dont have sakura here, lol. (maybe you'll miss malaysia coconut tree. haha)

    PS* Speak few japanese phrases =P

  4. Emily: It's illegal to plug sakura flower lol. Not nervous hahah!

    Val: Heheh I might miss the coconut drink but not the tree. Will try to speak a few phrases on my next video.

  5. haha, i mean the fallen sakura! LOL!