02 April 2009

Tokyo, reached.

OK so i've lots of update here. Last night been spending some time writing it out while on the ANA flight.

Update bout things happening later I'll writing it either tonight or tomorrow.

Title: The Beginning of the Journey

Left home at 2:50pm. Forgotten my jacket so head back to home to grab it. 3:15pm restart the journey to airport again.

4:15pm reached the airport.

Checked in around 5pm. Had a quick meal at McD. Fillet’o’fish, banana pie and apple pie, simple and yet satisfying McD meal.

6:30pm, headed down into the departure hall. Left without eye-contact with family as I knew it would trigger the “bomb”. Well thankfully, no tears dripped, although it almost happen lol.

7:30pm, MH 607 KL to Singapore took off.

8:30pm, landed at Changi airport, Singapore.

Rushed to settled an issue about my hand luggage with fellow friends who’re having the problem as well.

The case goes like this:

While we’re entering the MAS plane, some of us had one of our hand luggage “checked in” as they lack of overhead compartments to store further luggages.

We landed at Changi airport. Seems like they’re having some sort of technical problem with their computer system, which make the transit check-in slower than usual. It doesn’t help us much as we need to get our “checked in” hand luggage which most of us kept our important documents in.

We’ve to walk out the immigration which is a tedious work, then our hand luggage is nowhere to be found on the luggage conveyer belt. We’re sort of worried as the time is short, we’ve to rush to catch the next transit flight to Tokyo.

Well thankfully the staffs in the airport helped us to sort things out so we’re still in time to pass through the customs and immigration all over again. Ah it sucks….. to rush for things here and there.

Quickly grabbed a sandwich and mineral water which cost SGD 8.80 overall. The pork bacon sandwich was “heavenly” as I’m hungry after rushing for all the troubles. The Evan mineral water itself tasted like the purest form of water, full glory to drench the cool liquid down the dried throat~

Tried to online via the wireless network, but damn all of them need to signup an account better they allow you to use the net. Short of time, so uses the readily available Internet computer to quickly update the blog as well as Facebook.

Well thankfully so far the experience on ANA flight is a nice one. The plane itself is far larger than the puny MAS. Ah well, so far so good….

Currently the time in Malaysia is 12:35am, but in Japan is 1:35am. Now flying over the South China Sea, towards the north-east direction.


(to be continued)

P/S: I've changed this blog's time setting to GMT+9 following Japan's local time.


  1. Glad to see that you have updated your blog, wow looks like you really cant live a day without internet. Keep up with the updates!

    Have a nice flight there! Take care yaa =)

  2. hahah I'm like that de la.... :P
    "nice" flight indeed, only managed to sleep for awhile on that dreadful plane lol.

    will update again probably tomorrow. :)

  3. heh, finally updated ur blog..

    LOL, eye-contact with family while leaving is really really dangerous, haha..I still remember my mom's face expression when the bus began to move when I leaving to NS last year.

    *sob-sob*still feel very emotional every time i thought about this.

    May you acclimatize yourself to the environment soon =)

  4. Bro, glad that you reached there safely, hey update more about Japanese chicks k xD