03 April 2009

Quick Update

OK.... just wanna brief what I've been up to today.

Morning went to school for registration. Due to certain errors the Yamanote Line train came late. Damn it. Heard is some technical problem, but somehow I felt that maybe someone jumped off the platform 'eh?

The placement test was kinda difficult at the last part. But anyway I should be placed in the Intermediate class.

Went to Ikebukuro to do eye-shopping. Aimed Canon IXY (Malaysia call it Ixus) Digital camera. Have yet to decide which one i would be getting, as I need to do some calculations and conversions.
Anyway, I like Ikebukuro. :)

OK I will update more when I have more time..... Nowadays spend quite a lot of time in the outdoor. Tokyo metro isn't that hard, quite easy to get used to it. :)
Jamming into the train during peak hours is quite an experience as well, heh.

Oh btw, sakuras are blossoming, nice! But around my place only have the white variation, have yet to see the famous pinkish ones. Will be taking pics when I've free time to roam more....


  1. hahah dont go molest ppl ya in the train hahaha XD

  2. omeone jumped off the platform?

    Hahaha, good imagination!