15 April 2009

Phone & Laptop

Got my phone yesterday afternoon.... SoftBank's Panasonic 921P.


Love the screen's quality!

Comparison with my Nokia 5310....

921P slightly longer than 5310.

.... 2 times longer when it's "deployed".

Thickness.... Nokia wins.

Menu interface. Somehow I still prefer Nokia's straight-forward approach.

Haven't took pic of the 921P functioning yet, but it's capable of playing TV channels on it. The service is FOC, which is good.

This phone is said to be 3G, but the page loading speed is questionable. Sometimes I felt that even my Nokia's GPRS can run faster than it's 3G lol...

A thing I dislike is that the format supported on this phone is limited. Can you believe that this phone cannot support common formats like mp3 or wav? My friends said that have to convert the format to MP4. I tried but still cannot play the file. Damn it!

I still need some time to explore this so called "high-tech" phone. So far the impression is that a Nokia or Sony Eriksson can anytime beat it lol.

OK so talk about my laptop, the slot in DVD-rom is having some trouble now. That day when I brought the Gundam 00 OST CD, I tried to play it. It works OK at that moment, but after that the disc seems like stuck inside. Cannot read anything at all.

I got the CD ejected when I restarted the com, but since that onwards the CD-rom cannot play any CD or DVD.

Contacted Dell Malaysia via e-mail support. The technician Benjamin Tan has been doing a good job to inform me bout the methods to deal with it. Since I'm not around Malaysia so he asked me to further contact Japan's tech support for assistance.

Now that comes the amusing part.

This afternoon I called to the Japan's Dell tech support line. Quite hard to "surf" around the directories, you know, press the number corresponding to the category.

When I reached an operator, the first thing I asked is that "Can you speak English?" (in Japanese). Those Japaneses seem kinda nervous when I asked about it. So I proceed with the dialogue in Japanese and luckily can somewhat get their points.

They arranged someone who can speak English to contact me, and when I get back to my room I received a timely call from their English-speaking agent.

Mr Yoshitaki is the one who contacted me. At least now I can find someone whom I can talk openly about my problem. He understood the situation and will arrange a technician to come over my place to check the computer.

Still not sure about the details yet, but am grateful for the prompt reply. I was expecting Japan's Dell tech support at least must be on par with Malaysia's Dell, well for now I think they performed better than their Malaysian counterparts in terms of getting in touch with the customers. Swift reply, sweet.

Will update about the fixing stuffs when I got more info on it. :)


  1. hahaha, dont know why i am laughing all the way while reading this!

  2. Wow, softbank also known as Sharp right? Very awesome phone. It's sold at very high price in malaysia.

  3. Emily: LOL what's wrong with it?

    Ahmike: Erm, SoftBank is like Maxis as mobile carrier la, but every carrier has their exclusive mobile phones, so you can't get the same phone that runs on more than one mobile carrier.

    Dunno bout Sharp though, but I know it has to be hacked only can use other sim cards.

  4. *Sometimes I felt that even my Nokia's GPRS can run faster than it's 3G lol...*
    1st laugh point.

    *cannot support common formats like mp3 or wav....Damn it!*
    2nd laugh point.

    *I still need some time to explore this so called "high-tech" phone. So far the impression is that a Nokia or Sony Eriksson can anytime beat it lol.*
    3rd laugh point.

    *the first thing I asked is that "Can you speak English?"*
    4th laugh point.

    So, LOL!