26 April 2009

Okuribito, Departures


Last night I spent like 30 mins to dwnld this 1.7GB worth of movie. Am glad that this movie doesn't disappoint me. :)

The protagonist work as a encoffinner who takes care of the "ceremonial process" where the deceased is being cleaned up and encase into the coffin, therefore enconffinment .

Most Eastern-Asian cultures had this common taboo of speaking about the deceased, the death etc. This movie somewhat gave the audience a refreshed view of someone doing their job done, albeit being discriminated due to the nature of their job.

I find this movie interesting and educational for me to learn some of the things about Japanese culture. This movie provides some of the details where one wouldn't possible noticed unless one attended such ceremonial before.

This movie provides some deep thoughts to think of. We all live this life for just once. Everyone around us, someday will have to pass on too, so the best is to appreciate them while they're still here.
Better regret now than regretting later on, when everything is too late beyond redemption.
This do reminds me of this phrase: 树欲静而风不止,子欲养而亲不在。

Also, kudos to the soundtrack of the movie too, great songs as expected from Joe Hisaishi. I learnt about this movie after listening to some of the soundtracks.
Heh, nowadays I watch the movie based on the OST I listen to.

The main theme of this movie, played by mainly cello & piano, both are my favourite instruments. :)

I think I'll be catching a few Takeshi Kitano's movies later this year. Many of his movies' soundtracks are composed by Joe Hisaishi as well, so I expected something spectacular from the movies as well. :)

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  1. LOL, watch the movie based on the OST you listen to, haha, same here, I asked for the "ponyon on the cliff by the sea" after listening the OST.