05 April 2009

Major Update

OK I'll continue to update from what I've been through on the 1st day as written in the previous post.

So on the 2nd April, Thursday, I've reached the Narita Airport at ~7am. Passing through the immigration swiftly albeit have to wait for awhile due to human congestion. The luggage came out quite fast too.

Surprisingly, Komatsubara sensei was there to greet us. She's much livelier over here in Japan, as this is her place while Malaysia is our's.

Bus driven us from Narita airport to Haneda airport, to offload a few friends who're studying at Aomori University, due to the north which is a very cold place I heard.

Later off to our dorm located at Arakawa-ku (荒川区). Settled down for awhile and then our senpai (senior) show us around the town, and show us the way to goto school via the train.

From the Machiya station 町屋駅 of Chiyoda line 千代田線, switch to the Yamanote Line 山手線 and exit at the Komagome station 駒込駅.

The school itself (I'll refer it as ABK) is quite large and well-equipped. Visited some friends' room and find it a little better than ours lol....

The next day (3rd April) went to school early in the morning to attend a briefing and class placement test. Lady luck-less shines on us, the busiest Yamanote line experiencing some sort of technical problems and delayed for like an hour. I suspected that maybe someone chose to end his/her life by jumping off the platform at the very critical timing.

The class placement test was quite a challenge. First few papers are relatively easy, but it's getting more difficult later on. Even the kanji are more difficult than what I normally study here. Anyway, in the end I heard I was placed in the Intermediate class.

On that evening went to Ikebukuro 池袋 with friends to do some shopping. Signed up a BicCamera card, will gonna splash a lot of money on this place....
Currently eyed a Canon IXY 920IS. Would be planning to get Eneloop rechargeable battery and possibly a electronic dictionary as well, need it for studies.

Canon IXY Digital 920 IS

Oh btw, the Canon IXY model I mention is called IXUS 870 IS in Malaysia market, selling at RM 1.4k. I wanna get the gold one, as silver is too common!

4th of April, spend the afternoon around Arakawa township to get myself a bicycle. Cost 10,900 yen, silver colour. Consider the cheapest around though. Bicycle still remains a common transportation in Japan, like in China too.
It's kinda funny that although Japan is an advanced country, many things still work in the traditional method.

Later that night went to Shinjuku 新宿. Not really a place you should mess around, but just for the sake of discovering those famed places around Tokyo. Wasted 600yen just on a stick of chicken meat. Later spent 480yen on a hearty katsu curry rice カツカレー. I find the curry tasty, not as spicy as Malaysian's but still something good to eat especially in cold weather.

So today, 5th of April, Sunday, we went to Ueno 上野 for Hanami~ 花見. Like the name suggested, went there just to see the sakura blossoming~
Pics are in my friend's camera. Will be getting it later.

After that went to Asakusa 浅草 to check out the famous temple, which is usually overcrowded on the Japanese New Year. Kinda tired to walk so far....

Thanks to the senpai who brought us around, had a nice round of lunch at a localised "Chinese" restaurant which actually serve the noodle that looks Chinese-style but tasted Japanese. 390yen for the big bowl of soba 中華そば, nice.

So today at night spend some time to tidy up things. So far my room is not decorated, just the basic stuffs I brought together.

Dinner is a 390yen nori ryuda のり竜田 bento set (consist of fried chicken fillet and a few pieces of seaweed). Tasty and cheap, the best! Joked and discussed things and details with those hostelmates for tomorrow's plan, 'til 11:30pm.

So tomorrow going to the local ward office to do our "foreigner's ID card". Heard is like bout 1km away, so will be going there via bike. Kinda fun to ride the bike around, saved lots of commuting time.

OK 'til then. Sorry, still no pics coz don't really want to take more pics until I got the Canon IXY. :P

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