23 April 2009

A little update

Hello people, I'm still here, but busy with stuffs so seldom update nowadays. Besides, nothing much happened, pretty peaceful so nothing special to write about lol.

To compensate the lack of contents, throw in some recent pics. XD

The pinkish flowers are replaced by green leaves on most of the trees.

Rendang for dinner!! Oishii!!

A little luxurious dinner on the rainy evening. Steak + pork teriyaki. 560 yen.

Sample of dishes displaying outside the restaurant..... mmmm....

Green Court's canteen catering for those office workers. Affordable meal and nice place to dine in!

OK enough of food pics lol.... I'm full.

Lexus LS 600h L, the best specs for a Lexus car, and also my dream car hahaha....
Lexus LS 600h L

A shop near Akihabara which sells string instruments. Love the comparison of the violin and double bass!

OK so far for now then. Will sort out some time in the weekend to blog~

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