17 March 2009

Asian Dream Song

* Republish this post from a previous article I wrote in Aug 2008. *

(original 12 Aug 2008 post).

I love this song, simply love it! One of my favourite pieces by the maestro Joe Hisaishi!

One thing interesting bout Joe Hisaishi's works is some of his works are performed in various styles, such as piano solo, orchestral or a concerto between different instruments.

Today I'm sharing this song, in 3 versions which I have found so far.

(download link at the end of the article)

Brief of the 3 versions:
  1. The original work, a concerto between Joe's piano & a few cellos. (titled "Asian Dream Song" from the album Piano Stories II)
  2. The orchestral version, which is performed live and recorded in his album Works II. (titled "Asian Dream Song (Orchestral)"
  3. The live version, a piano + 9 cellos. The best of all 3 I think. (titled "Asian Dream Song" (Live))
For the third live version, you can actually watch the video here:

If you're a fan of instrumental music like me, I'm pretty sure you'll find these songs very nice too. If you don't like it you can just delete it after that, you wouldn't lose anything. :)

I will be posting up "Summer" maybe tomorrow or sometime else if I remember it. It's also another masterpiece from Joe Hisaishi, a much lively and light-hearted piece.


  1. can someone else send me the live version of the piano sheet, pleaseeeee~ i cant download it from the above link -_-

  2. Hi Anthony, thanks for visiting the blog.
    I seems to have ASD's piano sheet with me, so if you're interested feel free to drop me an email. ;)

  3. Do you still have the sheet for the live version of this song by any chance?