07 March 2009

2 Decades


Summarise abit what I've been through for the past 2 decades....

* I first set foot into this world around 11:40AM, 6th of March year 1989. Was supposed to be "kicked out" into the world around April but I came out earlier, so can say I'm a premature baby back then.

* Year 1990, spent my first birthday in the hospital ward, so says my mother and the photo album collection. Had no memories on what happened back then.

* Year 1991, I remember nothing about it. But from what I collected from the adults, I was being took care by my relatives in Kedah as my parents are busy with work down there at KL. Was taken care by my maternal grandparents and some other relatives too.
No memories are recorded back then, but somehow I prefer that house which we went back to celebrate Chinese New Year every year.

Later that year, I recollected some of my earliest memories I can ever remember of. I still remembered one of the day where I took my nap near the balcony, and the small bedroom where sisters are sleeping in. And one of the moment where my mother help to put on my shoes in front of the previous house during a night out.

At the end of year 1991, was moved to this current house from the previous one at Sri Rampai. Been living at this house for ~17 years already, quite some time man.

I still remember when I first moved into this new house, my head always knocked on the cabinet which now stands near my waist. I was such a shortie back then....

* Year 1992, 3 years old. Hmm.... parents sent me to a kindergarten near WM Sec.2. Was kinda a nightmare due to the fact that the strict teachers like to punish students by canning just because a very small matter. Developed some sort of phobia attending kindergarten but it can't be helped as no one would took care of me back home.
Btw that kindergarten is still operating today.

* Year 1993, 4 years old. Basically is also repetition from year 1993 too, still spent most of my days at the "horrendous" kindergarten that continues to haunt me.

* Year 1994, 5 years old. From what I remembered, I started to learn how to ride a 2-wheeler bicycle. Kindergarten switch to the one closer to my house. Was indeed a fun time back then, way better than the previous one which gives me horrible experiences.

* Year 1995 was fun, switched to another better kindergarten. That's also the year where I had a little accident falling down in the kindergarten. I dunno what happened but I kept accusing the girl behind me pushed me and I felt down. Dunno how I got my lips cut, blood oozing out and soon fills my palm red in colour. In the end I got some stitches on my lips, with a jab on the butt as well, ouch!
Now it seems like a small part of my lips went missing, you know why now. 'til today I had no idea whether the girl did pushed me or not, but ah well, was naive back then and dunno where, or what the girl had turned out now.

* Year 1996, 7 years old. A turning point in my life, as I set foot into primary school. Met lots of new friends in there, some which I still keep in touch until today.

* Year 1997 was like repetition of 1996, same class and same classmates, and same teachers as well. So it's just like repeating everything again.

* Year 1998 could probably be the best year in primary school, had lots of new classmates. Most of these fellas would be together with me until Standard 6.

* Year 1999, first time having morning classes as previously are afternoon classes. Was a memorable year, especially the infamous "bees invasion" on the school field.

It was June 29th or 30th, was having physical education on the school field. Somehow that day bees are swarming around the field and yet we did not realised the danger. I thought those are just nuisance insects, but when those creatures started to sting, all hell break lose!

I ended up with 100+ stings, and an unlucky bee that stuck in my left ear. It was very annoying to have a bee buzzing right in your ear canal. Luckily the doctor took it out by inserting some sort of liquid into the ear canal, let it solidify and took the damn bee out. I'm very lucky that the bee did not cost any damage to my ear or else I would be hearing-handicapped.

* Year 2000, the Millennium aka Y2k. Remembered very few things bout what happened back then.

* Year 2001, 12 years old, last year I spent in the primary school. Back then most of the boys are all crazy over Pokemon Trading Cards. I get along real well with most of the classmates, yeah, those great days....

* Year 2002, 13 years old, another turning point in life. Was a noobie in secondary school and I enjoyed kicking water bottles with classmates in the classroom due to the World Cup '02 fever we're having that time.

Stopped piano lesson which I've been taking since 6 years old with the excuse I wanna concentrate on secondary school studies. It was a bad choice kid, but it's too late to regret now.

* Year 2003, 14 years old. Was been given a responsibility as a class monitor after the "original" one was sacked by the teacher, Mdm Teoh due to poor performances. Was actually reluctant to take up the job, but once I get used to it I enjoyed it!

Being a class monitor for years taught my valuable lessons how I would be communicating with people. As a class rep, I've no choice but to communicate with everyone in the class. I started to realised that those fellas might not be as bad as I thought of, they're actually a nice bunch of fellas to hang around chatting with.

* Year 2004, 15 years old. Was voted to serve the class again after new classmates put their faith on me. It was a year where I started to get involved with co-curriculum activities.
Joined Students' Union, and the first activity was organising farewell party for the seniors.

These should be the first batch of pics which I backuped on the net.

* Year 2005, another fun year I had in the secondary school. Got to know almost everyone in the Science streams, well almost....

Myself back then.
Mirror Effect_1

16th birthday party.
CLF birthday party group photo.

Having fun celebrating friend's birthday.
Hui Chi's party

Was an avid "photography reporter" back then, took pics of events happening in school and post it up here. You still can read those blogged articles in year 2005's archive.

* Year 2006, 17 years old, last year I'll be spending in secondary school. It was one of the best year ever....

Class pics.
5S3 - 2006
5S3 2006

No idea what to describe about year 2006, but it was a good one indeed....

Graduate.... a happy and sad affair.
Graduation certificate

Oh well, life goes on then.

* Year 2007, 18 years old, is an interesting year too, though it may not be the best.

I had a few months of freedom to do anything I want until mid of March when I was sent to Sabah to attend my National Service program.

Welcome to Kem Wawasan

Holding M-16 without the ammunition (no bullets).
Me handling M16 rifle

NS experience had been a great one, though I'm not in the best condition to enjoy every bits of it. It wasn't as bad as I heard, definitely would recommend youngsters to join it!

My NS life ended "prematurely" as I'm furthering my study in college. Took up Cambridge A Levels at TARC.

* Year 2008, 19 years old. Spent most of the year studying A Levels, had real good experience with everything and everyone.

The football team! (though we lost the 1st match lol).
Football team

Happy hours with Ms Lynn and classmates.
Ms Lynn's farewell

The lecturemates, SN8ABC!

Spent my 19th birthday eve with friends at Jusco's "Old Town".

College prom. Mr Low in the centre is one of the best lecturers I ever came across so far.

Celebrating the success of friend's volleyball game.

One of my favourite lunch menu.
Chau Kuey Theow Mee + egg

One of my favourite pic of all.
Group pic at the park between the lecture hall & lab

I had lots of things to share about college experience, but that's all for now. I kept most of the happenings in this very blog so if you are that interested, you can dig it out. >:)

* Year 2009, 20 years old. Now is just the 1st quarter of the year, but I'll be spending the 3/4 in Japan.

Started my year studying Japanese language until end of March. So far so good, been managed to catch up some basic knowledge about Japanese language.

Had high expectations on myself staying there in Japan. I hope I can excel in my studies and get into a good university there.... Another journey has just began, life ahead will be a pretty good one I believe!

20 years..... can I call this an "achievement"? Had done quite a lot of things and I believe some of them others did not even achieved, or care about. For example, keeping this blog running since I first started it in Nov 2004.

I speaks highly of myself and try not to lose my tempo over things.
With the correct attitude and thoughts, I believe the future would be as good as I imagined it would be.

Welcome to the 20th Years Club CLF!


  1. part of ur lips went missing? Is it? why didnt i realize it at all? Next time i will get a camera to take a photo of it, hahaha..

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    Ur life is kinda dramatic huh, hahaha..

  2. haha i was a pre mature baby as well

  3. Emily:
    oi oi dun be so crazy leh!! hahah....

    Ben: Hell'yeah! CCL also too, u still remember him? Always talk about WMD in the class lol.

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