12 February 2009

Japanese Lesson Update

OK, so it's already half-way into the language class, still got like 1.5 months to go (7 weeks to be exact) before finishing the class and settle down for a new life in Jpn.

We had a new teacher since Feb, as Komatsubara sensei had returned to Japan. Tsunamoto Maki, hailed from Hiroshima, came over to took over the class for the rest of the 2 months.

Talk about Tsunamoto sensei, she doesn't look like a teacher at all. She's just a few years elder than us, so there's no generation gap between us. Compared to Komatsubara sensei, Tsunamoto sensei is much livelier & friendlier.

Komatsubara sensei represents the traditional method of teaching, while Tsunamoto sensei represents the new generation teaching methods that infuse with creativity and innovation in the class so that we won't get easily bored with the lessons.

So far it's been pretty good for the first 2 weeks, Tsunamoto sensei dine with us for lunch and never afraid of trying new food. We're a little sceptical bringing her to the alley stalls but she just do fine with it. Hopefully her immunity can handle all the food though.

Talk about the class, I'd like to highlight a few points which I thought of my classmates.

I can say that I'm kinda lucky that I'm doing quite well with most of the classmates. There are a few whom I rarely spoke to due to the "geographical differences" (actually is our seats are separated quite far), and we do not speak much during the recess times. Nevermind bout this, sooner or later I'll get this sorted out.

Those sitting nearby me has been helpful and friendly, yeah. Really appreciate it to have a bunch of good friends to study together. :)

On the other hand, I do learn a few notes about human nature. Although I'm quite satisfied getting along with classmates, there are still some whom I find it quite irritating and annoying sometimes.

One of them whom I displeasure is someone whom I'm sort of acquaintance with from an earlier institution. He's quite friendly at first, but the more time I spend with him in the same classroom, the more arrogant he's showing.
I dunno what's wrong with him but my guess would be past competitions (竞争) he faced made him the guy he is today.
It's OK that you do well on your own, but never ever try to take others for granted, like want to say bad things about others while maintain your own superiority.
It's OK if you want to show off your abilities, but never ever try to tease others who doesn't do well at the moment.
In my opinion, whatever came out from his mouth would be negative, something that's either attacking someone else, boasting his confidence, or just some very lame jokes. 出口成脏.
He should learn a lesson or two about modesty.
Besides, he might also need to review his hygiene too....

Actually I don't really know what kind of words can be used to describe it, but I'm just not happy that someone's trying to piss me off flashily.

OK enough of rant now. I rarely spoke about someone's bad things in this blog but once in awhile I just need to do so to fend off my tense feeling. It is not a good thing to talk bad about others but I just can't stand it this time.

Let's just hope that the rest of the things can be a smooth ride....

P/S: Because I know that someone in the class is reading this blog, so I did not disclose the identity directly. If you're observant enough you'd know who am I talking about.

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