06 January 2009

What kind of dream is this?

Had a little problem when I was sleeping this morning. My mind suddenly think of many things that I'm going to face on the move to Japan. Struggled with my mind like 20 mins before settle down and continue my sleep.

That, is when the journey begins....

I was awaken by my father to attend a party his friend organised nearby. The real identity of the person remains unknown, he's just a friend of father. I tasted a few pastries at the party, then bump into a few primary schoolmates, namely SK, MY, WS & JL. I walked around the corner, and then saw another bunch of secondary schoolmates, which I can't recall their name now.

Dream can be very weird indeed, the next thing I remember is waking up in my bedroom watching some people playing baseball behind my backyard! As you know, baseball is rather uncommon here, so I decided to check what's going on.

To my surprise, father and his friends are playing! They asked me to join them play but I declined, saying that I know nothing bout baseball at all. We argued a bit but eventually the adults were speechless, and my dream jumped to another segment.

I was being "warped" into somewhere I'm not familiar with. However, I noticed there's some sort of event going on so I take a peek in it. Bump into those people I met earlier in the morning party, they asked where I've been missing, but I don't really know how to answer them.

The event is some sort of like student's performances, organised by Convent Bukit Nenas (CBN). I know no one from CBN, so it's kinda wicked how I could dream of something I rarely came across of. I do know a few friends from APGS & Puteri Titiwangsa though, the girl schools around this district.

I join my friends to watch the performance but mysteriously being "warped" back home, and by that time the performance ends. I booted up the computer and someone posted the video of the performance on the net, so I check it. Spotted a few more familiar faces within the crowd, some friends from primary & secondary school whom I've not met them for quite some time already.

The dream ends when I was awaken by my mom few minutes before 8am. I didn't manage to enjoy the all-night-long sleep, so it's not easy to get up from the bed this morning. Thankfully everything went smoothly later 'til the Japanese lesson ends.

Dream dreams and dreamz.... seems like my dream is like a theatre playing different scenarios that I'm familiar with the characters but in different settings. I can recognise those people, but not the places, or maybe I do know the place but it's distorted and altered as it appears in my dream.

Weird eh, Oneirology (study of dreams) seems to be something interesting to venture in. However, my passion still lies with sound engineering, at least for now. I do not rule out that I might change my mind again, but not that soon. I'll be making my choice the latest by next year, still got time to consider. :)

Dreams, let it be the one you experience during slumber, or a vision that you wish you could achieve, are something great to analyse in depth. Who knows, you might discover the inert talent hidden in you? Or perhaps found inspiration and new ideas for something?

Lots of things had been going through my mind recently..... I deserve a good night sleep without interruption, to cleanse some of the unwanted memories and reorganise everything again, much like a computer undergoing disk cleanup & defragment.


  1. hohoho..actually some of my inspirations came from my dreams..

    now i seldom sleep..and my inspirations also lesser..

    and i kinda like dreaming hehe

  2. hahah quite surprise to know this Miao... you must be dreaming lots of cats lol.