05 January 2009

Monday Blues?

I did not had the Monday blues problem like some might have. After enjoying a long holiday break, it's natural that we humans do not like to get back to work or study again, hah.

As expected, the crowd lining for the LRT is longer than usual, those holidaymakers are finally settle down and get back to work.
Probably the first day of work in the new year, either you look forward to it, or lament for another dreadful year to come. I hope you're the former though.

I noticed that Malaysians aren't as bad as some said, we do queue up to wait for the train to come, but when the train arrives, you'll noticed some will cut queue from behind or somewhere else and squeeze into the train. An ugly image indeed, but it's just a fraction of the courteous majority.

Travelling in a fully-packed train is not something everyone enjoy it, but it can't be helped. I've to get used to it because the fully-packed train in Japan is much worse than in Malaysia.

So far the Japanese lesson is running smoothly. It's been a month since I started it last Dec. I'm making good progress now, doing quite good so far, in terms of the daily tests.

Started learning kanji today, which is actually traditional Chinese characters, except some of the words had been tweaked and changed to suit the Japanese. Some of the keystrokes changed as well, making what I learn from primary school inapplicable.

If you might have noticed, the computer characters code for the Japanese kanji and the Chinese traditional characters are slightly different. It's something to do with the unicode thingy.... which I won't further elaborate due to it's complexity.
I might post a few examples when I discover it.

Lucky for me, the LRT train going back home is not as crowded as I thought, only a handful students on board the train. I thought the strategic location of the station would "attract" more students travel through LRT since it's just a stone throw away from the Kasturi tuition centre.

Nevermind then, it's going to be a fun year to go~


  1. You will be more frustrated if with Rapid KL =)

    Happy New Year!

  2. happy cow year too!
    I've tasted Rapid years ago so that's why I rarely step foot into one, I rather walk back home from LRT station!