07 December 2008

An update with a few stories

Finally.... I'm able to get rid of the RO addiction, for awhile. Heh, due to the server update the game is taken offline for the time being. Anyway, I've played for 8 hours straight since 5pm just now lol.

Few screenshots from the game.

Populated server, which reminds me of mRO long long ago.

Taken down by a bunch of mobs. Those who've played the game should know the reputation of Asura Strike....

Still not able to get hold of the crazy mobs although my level increased....

My character, which I named as Feraligatr. Pokemon freaks should know this name. :)
(I actually got this nick while scrambling my old Pokemon trading cards)

OK now, finish the story of Ragnarok Online.

Today I actually went to an education fair to look out for potential university to study in Japan, well, do the homework earlier to get myself set and prepared.

Of all Japanese university booth I visited, only 2 universities offered the course I'm interested in. So far I'm considering Shobi University & Tokai University.

Actually my aim is to get into either Tokyo University of the Arts (Geidai) or Kunitachi College of Music, but those 2 are the top school of musics in Japan, so it'll be kinda hard to get in. But well, I still can give it a try, it's still early to laid the conclusion. :)
At least I have some choices left in case I didn't get into either these 2 top universities.

Met a few friends in the edu fair. Kah Shih tag along with me wondering around the booths. That guy is a mystery really, I didn't know that he took up Japanese language course even when he's studying for STPM, and now he is level 2 JLPT.

Also bump into Gun Lam there, he's another guy planning to fly to Japan too, but he'll be doing the degree course since he has completed the Japanese language course.

Also spotted a few friends from college, say, Lai Mun & Chie Guan. Now is the time we hunt for the universities to study in. Can't really slack off totally after the course finishes, it's also the beginning for another course too.

I will still need to look further into universities in Japan that offers the course that I wanted to do.
Well, Osaka College of Music sounds good, but I haven't check there yet. I do prefer Osaka to Tokyo actually, in terms of the city. Kyoto seems to be another likely choice.

I don't really want to study in further north in Hokkaido though, heard it's freezing cold and I can't really stand sub-zero degree climate. Tokyo would still be cold of course, but not as bad as Hokkaido lol.
I might consider somewhere near Kyushu or Shikoku too. Southern part of Japan, a little warmer.

End of studying in Japan topic.

Tomorrow I'll be attending my primary school gathering. I'm the organiser for this event for some years already.

What I mainly do is decide the time, date and venue, then spread the news around to friends ask them to attend. Last year's gathering was a success, but this year the number will be shrinking as many couldn't make it due to various reasons beforehand.

This would likely be the last primary gathering I'll be attending, because next year I won't be around already, somebody else have to organise it on my behalf, or everyone would lost contact just like that.

From what I know, many friends are having their gatherings too. I've heard gatherings of Chong Hwa primary, Lee Rubber primary and my own Mun Yee primary. I dunno when someone will came up with a Chong Hwa secondary gathering though, most likely those Form 6 friends will make one.

Gatherings..... I'll try my best to attend it, because I dont know when I can meet with those friends again.


  1. 缘起缘灭
    往人生下一站出发! =D

  2. 哈哈,多谢指导啊。

  3. Just try on the Universities :D no loss for trying right.. hehe wish you luck on them ^^

    and about RO, the new RO episode is awesome.. the Morroc City was destroyed and the Satan Morroc was released.. XD

    you can go google the Philippines RO for details..

  4. Morroc changed alot, was shock when I see in the center so big hole lol.

    Still got lots of fun in RO~ :D