09 December 2008

First Japanese Lesson

Since I sleep quite late these days, it's a little uncomfortable to wake up early from the slumber.

Step into the LRT train at 0845, reached the centre at 0915. Was surprise to see the whole small classroom is packed with 40+ of students.
Some of them are fresh-grad from SPM, making me feel old there lol.

Was being introduced by Mr Loke himself on the rules and regulations, the plans for the entire course until departing to Japan next year.

For the first 2 months Ms Komatsubara Kaori (小松原 香) will be teaching us the elementary Japanese language. No idea who'll be taking over later, though.

Nothing much is revealed about Ms Komatsubara, but she's a polite & nice teacher from my impression. She straight away jump into the lesson.
Was being taught the basics, like simple greetings & self-introduction.
Oh by the way, the entire lesson is conducted in Japanese.

You may ask how we noobs can understand what the teacher says, well for me, I somehow can understand bits through the tone and body language of the teacher, well, roughly get the meaning. So far I haven't guess it wrongly. :P

As for the writing we start with the basic of katakana (片仮名), before the class ends at 1530.

Given that I've being in study-hiatus mode since Oct, starting to learn something new in the class can be a bit of struggle especially the sleep bug struckt.
This is natural, after a few more days I'll get used to the schedule and can stuff in more things.

A step forward into a Japanese life. :)


  1. you learn the words in a few groups or just learn all together. katagana only at first? hmm

  2. We all learn together.
    It's just the first day so I didn't expect many things to be taught in such a short period of time.

    Katakana is good start as once we're used to it we can pronounce better. I think hiragana is easier to write though.

  3. i have forgotten most of japanese lessons and i need to refresh. :(

  4. renaye:
    hahah, you still can refresh your language a bit if you try to listen to japanese again, say watch an anime?