28 December 2008

A'famosa short trip

End of year is driving closer, so the family decided to take a short break from the city to somewhere we haven't been before.
Our destination is the A'famosa Resort located somewhere between Negri Sembilan & Melaka.

Driving there took bout 2 hours +, included the jams in the toll plaza as well as filling up the petrol tank.

Since we can only check in at 4pm, so we went to venture around the nearby township of Tampin. Called Jason to ask bout nice places to dine in but father eventually decided to settle our lunch at the only Chinese restaurant visible from the street.
Food is quite good, and reasonably priced. The meal cost bout RM 70.

Drove around in the A'famosa compound to look at the scenery. We simply love to drive by the bungalows to check those houses. Some unit comes with a mini pool, which is cool.

Checked out at the Safari park, but the entrance ticket simply drove us away. RM 35 per person just for an attraction, they sure know how to suck people's money, and yet many are willing to pay for it!

Went to our apartment to check in. Relaxed at our apartment studio unit, which is quite nice, better than I expected.

Evening went to the Cowboy Town, the again, comes with another sucker price tag, RM 38/person!

We haven't had our dinner so we look around for possible dining spots. The Chinese restaurant is full, the coffee house is also packed as well, so we settled for western food.
The grilled chicken I ordered tasted not bad, though the portion may not enough to fill my stomach. The bill came up RM 90, more expensive than our lunch.

Walked around the "town", and watch the street performance, which I find it kinda boring. The street show ends with a few shots of fireworks, blown thousands of dollars just in a matter of few minutes.
Didn't stay there after the show as we've nothing to do anymore, those are just attraction for kids.

Well, I didn't really had a good night sleep due to some reason, but I noticed that I can somehow remember the dreams better, and to my surprise, the details of the dream is pretty close to those of my real life.

Had breakfast at the Cowboy Town on the next morning. Buffet style breakfast which serves kinda limited choices. Anyhow, the food is quite good, at least I find it tasty when I serve it into my mouth.

Checked out and head back to KL at 10:30am. Journey back to KL was smoother than going south. It's easy to drove pass the 110km/h limit as everyone in the fast lane is hitting say, more than 130km/h? I noticed the fastest I drove would be slightly above the 130km/h mark, heh. Do not dare to go too fast beyond that.

Today's lunch settled at our favourite Mamak restaurant, NZ Curry House.

I didn't post any pictures up here is because I havent process it from the camera, and to be honest, nothing great had been captured there.

I had the chance to come to this resort with schoolmates 3 years ago, but due to certain circumstances since then I had to passed it. I guess if I were to come with my friends, it would be a totally different story, rather than this boring write-up I wrote above.
You know, the movement is kinda restricted when you're moving with parents, compared to moving along with peers.

A'famosa Resort is mainly caters for young kids, which teenagers and adults may not find it as amusing as it look. I'd say Genting is a more suitable place for everyone to enjoy, simply is because it's larger and has more varieties for people to choose from. Kids can go for the theme parks, while the adults can enjoy bits of shopping or fine-dining experience.

If I were to goto A'famosa Resort again, I'm most likely will go there just to relax, but why bother going down there a distance away, when I can head up to Genting which is way closer to my place? Besides, the mountainous region provides refreshing & cooling air.

There're still something can be done for A'famosa Resort to improve itself. I had high expectation on it, but seems like they're not as good as I thought, or heard.

One thing I dislike the most is the price of the ticket entrance, which cost quite a lot just for an attraction.
Besides, I don't see why they should collect the parking fee to the Water World & Safari park. Parking should be made free, because it can be covered up from other revenues.
One thing people love to drive up to Genting is because all the parkings are FREE!

But anyway, compare to previous years, this year we spend our holidays modestly in somewhere local. Past years I had the privilege travelling to explore some other places. There're still a lot of places in Malaysia where we've yet to explore.

I wish someday I can travel to another island again. I had been to Langkawi & Redang, and I'd like to try Tioman & Pangkor too. I don't mind going back to Langkawi or Redang again because I love those island retreats!

Someday, I wanna explore East Malaysia more. I wanna enjoy the different lifestyle in Sabah, and try out some unique food in Sarawak. I guess I won't have enough time for all this in these few months time, so perhaps next time? :)


  1. wow!
    y're driving outstation & speeding as well.....

    anyway, good experience to chalk the mileage....


  2. hahah, kinda feels good to speed, but have to be careful too!

  3. yup.... but plse drive smart.... step off the gas when it's beyond yr ability....

    higher speed carries longer braking distances, so dun tail-gate....

    i believe in slowly increasing yr max driving speed.... 'cos it improves yr driving abilities, hones yr senses, but of course, do it slowly..... keep to a certain max speed for awhile, for yr body to adjust to it before attempting a higher speed.... patience is the KEY word here....

    Do not subject yourself to speeds that you cannot handle....

    if you find yourself mildly shaking after attaining a certain speed, that's yr new limit. keep to this speed till you are comfortable before going any further... sikit, sikit, jadi bukit....

    dun rush, and never try to show off 'cos other might tempt you into going faster than you can manage....

    learn to take corners correctly, most accidents happens at the curve... due to lack of skills...

    understanding what is 'understeer' & 'oversteer'

    And lastly, do you know that all JDM cars has a 90kmh limit melody chime, which will drive you nuts - the constant 'ding, dong' music[?]......

    *JDM = Japanese domestic market


  4. Thanks for the tip up PF, I know the limit and I wont go too crazy on the speed lol.

    JDM cars bells? I didn't know this though, but I thought the Japs had similar speed limit like us did? 90k/h is kinda slow, lol.

  5. If you're going to Kuching, let me know.. I can recommend some places to hang out hehehe

  6. hahah thanks for the tip up Miao! :D