17 November 2008

A Little Update

Well well well.....

Tomorrow's Biology P5. From the analysis of past year papers, this time's paper could be a tricky one. Just hope that no matter how tricky it is, I can manage to do it without breaking too much sweat, hahah.

Currently studying Biology papers, for the sake of the last P4 on Thursday. I'm interested in Biology, but yea, pretty hard to condense everything into my mind in such a short period of time.

Father's still in the ward, though he can discharge by tomorrow. Mother asked him to rest in the ward for a few more days since there're someone taking care of most things there. I'll be fetching them back home Thursday evening, since I've finished my exams by then.

Hmm..... I dunno what it'll feels like once the exam is finished.
I'll be free from the restriction of being a student, and turn myself into a freelancer, free to do anything I want.
I hope I can earn a little more money to fill in my bank account, not just from blogging only.

That's pretty much what I wanna write about here, 'til then.

Oh before I forget, I wanna wish the best of luck to all my friends who'll be sitting for STPM paper tomorrow!
Toh Wai, Haw Jiun, Pei Voon, and Joshua.

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  1. thanks for your wishes.. your wishes had success half way right now.. ^^ hehe..