05 November 2008

The Evolution of Blog

I made a post on LowYat forum, but decided to share it here as well. 

From the day you started your first ever blog, what blogging styles and lesson you've learn so far? 
What inspires you to start a blog? Because of the money? Curiousity to try something new? Or been influenced by friends or certain bloggers

For me, I started my blog after I finished my PMR. You know, the exam finishes on early Oct, so got ~3 months of free time to kill. 
One day I googled my school and stumbled upon a senior's blog. Was excited to read what he's been writing there because it's all what happened in the school.

So I started 
my blog on the 7th of Nov, 2004. It started out like most teenager's blog, life in school, whine and rant etc. I just blog for fun that time.

The blog basically remains the same until sometime in 2006, when I decided to overhaul the entire blog template. 

user posted image

user posted image

A major change in the blog design marks a new style of writing. Since then onwards I write more to the public's interest rather than my own interest. 
It's year 2006, World Cup 2006, so I wrote a few stuffs on football that time and attracted quite a number of traffics that time. Too bad I haven't use any tracking service so I didn't got the exact figure.

I'm still experimenting Adsense that time. It shows slow but convincing improvements months after months.

I kept doing the same stuffs until another template change in 2007. 

user posted image

Blogging has been fun, I've got to know friends through it, blog-hopping from one to another is fun back then, you can just laugh all the way reading on other's post, as well as cross-linking here and there.

I noticed that the blogging has helped me to be a more matured person. Instead of complaining and cursing in the blog, I try to reason out the good and bad on things happening in life. 

I realised that what happened around is no really a big deal, so you don't need to make a fuss around because life for you is really good already, you shouldn't be complaining but instead you should appreciate it. (just like the lyrics in Jay's new song "Rice Fragrance")

Today, blogging has been a part of my daily routine. It's simply more than just the blog itself, with the branching out from the blog I came across a few contacts on the net, which is pretty cool. To get to know people from various fields is good for your future planning. 

Current template, going to redesign it soon.
user posted image

A blog can really change a person's life.

It's just a few more days to go before my blog's 4th birthday, so wanna share a few thoughts of mine here. 

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