29 November 2008

Dose of Reality

Yesterday I met Mr Goh, my mentor & tutor, also my boss to ask his opinion bout studying in Japan.

His immediate reaction is ask me to study elsewhere like China or Taiwan. When I go through more details with him, he looks very surprised.

Well, I'm quite surprise too, with his reaction and response. He seems to shun Japan, and he honestly admit that he doesn't really like that country. He quoted a few examples and saying how good is it if I were to goto China study.

I'm fine with his honest opinion, and I'm clear that Japan isn't that hopeless as he says. I know China's reputation and my sisters had been there, but I don't really think of studying' there though (going China means abandoning this blog, Blogspot is banned there!).

Taiwan did came across my mind before but I'm doubtful with the level of the university there. Imagine when I shows my resume when I'm looking for a job, people would not be impressed by a Taiwanese degree, compared to those of Japan or US.

But the reality to be told, is the future path I chose to walk on.

Mr Goh seems to discourage me studying in the field related to music, sighting that it's a very specific job and I'm limiting myself to a narrow choices.
Obviously, I understand that getting a job here related to sound engineering is difficult as the market is too small, and not many people appreciate and understand the nature of the job.

Well, my original plan is that work in related fields in Japan to gain experience, before trying my luck elsewhere in US or Europe. The best scenario of all, I'm able to work alongside those musicians I admired, like Joe Hisaishi or Yanni.

Inside Yanni's studio.

Joe Hisaishi's room.

That's the most ideal case, but of course like we all know, it's gonna be a long and rocky path.

Mr Goh says that if I were to choose the fields I mentioned to him last time, say geography, sociology & anthropology, those are much better routes as the scope of the market is wider, it'll be easier to get a job in the future.

I'm actually still interested in it, but somehow I don't know much about the future career path.

And he raised another question: will I be coming back here?

If I were to choose sound engineering path, the chances of me working here is pretty slim, whereas I think I still can get a job in Japan or some other countries that needs this kind of speciality.

This means I'm very likely to live abroad for some time before I can come back to settle down.
Even so, coming back here will be like start all over again from zero, you hit the reset button. Unless I've got a good reputation to boot, which may make things a little easier.

I actually wanted to work back here, but given the poor reputation of the government, like many people, I'd work elsewhere. It's sad case though, all the talents are being employed in other countries.

If I chose the path of sociology or anthropology such, I can work in more places, more flexible, but the thing is, whether I'm interested in it or not. As for now my passion lays with the music production.

To have a dream to realise, and a target to reach is certainly good in one's planing for life. At the same time we have to also be alert and understand the reality better, in case of the worst case scenario. No one would want something to happen, but just to be prepared in case anything happened.

As far as my ambition flies, at any rate I'll have to look through the reality apart from living in my dreams. Don't be to carried away just yet, you haven't start anything yet, you still got a time to decide, but ultimately I agreed to myself that going to Japan would be a good decision.

But, once I'm determined in the decision, I guess it's pretty much fixed then, because I believe that whichever path I walk on, as long as I have the passion in my heart, the desire to live a better life, the hunger reaching for the goal, it would lead me to the path that I would walk on for a very long time to come.....


  1. chase yr dream so that no regret in the future.

  2. Thanks for the advice. Yea, look forward for my dreams! :D