12 October 2008

Night Outs

Last night celebrated Jia Hui & Zee Ling's birthday in Pizza Hut, after a last minute call by KY. Was sceptical how things will turn out to be because everything seems to be messed up while he outsourced others to help him when he's the organiser.

Luckily everything goes pretty well, in the end 10 people turn up for this dinner party.

Busy eatin'

IMG_0039 IMG_0038

Jia Hui & Hui Xuan, the perfect combo.

The birthday cake.

Zee Ling & Jia Hui, happy 19th!
IMG_0035 IMG_0031

I did not take many photos as my Canon is dwarfed by Khye Liang's Nikon D40 DSLR.... Will be getting more pics form him!

After the first round in Pizza Hut, the guys decided to goto another spot for another round. Some of them left as they still got things to do. I hesitated awhile, but decided to went there with the gang.

We settled in Cola Club in Prima Setapak. Well, first impression told me that this is not really my kind of place as the patrons are drinkin' all the booze down, drunk, smoking and gambling. The gang ordered Heineken beer but I modestly ordered a hot mocha. Seriously, I don't like beer, but I prefer wine though.

The atmosphere in the club is pretty lively with the live band singing. The plus point in this club is that they've some of the best singers among other competitive clubs/pubs, I enjoyed their songs there.

Chatted with them for awhile until around 1am when we all finished. Another night life in Prima Setapak. If I were to come again next time, I'd go for a more quiet place to hang out.

Perhaps I might have another shot with other friends after finish the exams? Coming these places once in awhile is OK, but of course not so frequent as it ain't cheap!

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