11 August 2008

The Result part II

Today everyone in the college talk about the exam results.

Looking at the expressions, I guess most of my friends scored pretty well. Got to congratulate those who scored full As (excluding GP, the cursed subject): Chie Guan, Chen Ping, Edmund Yee ZH, Justin, Si Qu, Yu Lee, Pei Hwa & Martin. Glad that most of the top-scorers came from my class yeah!

Of course, it may not be the best day for some. Some are considering to resit the papers already. I didn't score very well too, but I don't think I would want to resit any of 'em because the stress and pressure you'll face during the exam is devestating.
Besides, resitting the papers means you'll have to pay more.... a lot more!

You may think that choosing to resit paper is an easy choice now, but when you're sitting in the examination hall with lots of thoughts running in your mind, you'll have problem to do the paper properly.

Mr Yap is absent so no words from him. I somewhat know that he'll be teasing us before giving us some words of encouragements, his usual style.

Mr Low continued his lecture stories albeit knowing us wouldn't have mood to continue study for the moment. Oh well, Chemistry....

At least, Ms Chong's words did calm me somewhat. The result is not the last thing in the world, no matter what result you get now, the most important is your character.

The working world may not only see your academic achievements, your attitude and personality do play a big part too.

She did spend some time told us her own story, some may think it's boring and long-winded but somewhat gave us a clear picture what else life can offer eventhough you didn't perform well in studies.

Not trying to give excuse that it is OK to do badly in the exam, just that sometimes we may have to learn from other's experience eh.

I do admit I may not achieve well in papers, but personally I think that I've the attitude to run for things that I'm interested and passionate in.
For now, I'm in love with instrumental music. I think this fact will hardly change because I love it since I was a child. Once you love it, you'll hooked to it for life. :)

I better bury the disappointment feeling after finishing this post. This isn't the feeling that should be carried forward for tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.

Life is great! Just a little bumper wouldn't mess up my mood!
Now if you could excuse me, I wanna enjoy my new supply of Joe Hisaishi's masterpieces, this time is "Kikujiro's Summer" (菊次郎の夏). :D

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