16 August 2008

Good Day

Today's the last day of class as next week is our holiday, but we can't really slack off as we've to prepare for our trial exam.

Chen Ping decided to treat us a meal to celebrate his AS result & birthday (14th Aug). Went to Shakey's Pizza at Jusco to get our lunch there. Only 5 of us (Chen Ping, me, Johnson, Kai Shang & Li Hong) celebrate together because the girls are going back earlier so they can't join us. Good for Chen Ping, at least he doesn't need to burn a bigger hole in his wallet, heh.

Played in the arcade for awhile. I can't match with Johnson's DDR skills, watch them play the basketball machine awhile before heading to Low Yat Plaza with Johnson & Chen Ping.

Johnson's looking for a laptop. He's eyeing on Asus & F-Tec but eventually I managed to persuade him to get a Compaq CQ50 which cost just RM 2.2k, quite cheap for the specs he's getting.

While we're there I managed to grab another Gundam model there, this time is a 1/100 Legend Gundam. Not so cheap but it's still ok I think...

The box

The final product.

'til now I only managed to finish its head and chest. See when I'm free to continue with the limbs.

Definitely much complicated than the 1/144 GOUF Ignited I assembled last month. This Legend is much bigger than the GOUF unit. Will show you the pics comparison when I'm done! :)

While on the way back I saw there's the crowd building up just outside a mamak stall. Lee Chong Wei is playing in the badminton man's single semi-final match against a Korean.

It was a nice game as the match finishes favouring the Malaysian side of course. Now he's just one step closer to the gold medal, Chong Wei will be playing agsinst China no.1 Lin Dan in the final this Sunday. Go Malaysia Go!!!

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