24 August 2008

End of Olympic Games 2008

A glory night to set off the big game. China has defied all the odds & criticisms, and successfully held the great games of mankind!

The closing ceremony is not as eye-catching than the opening ceremony, but surely it's fantastic to watch it too. Lots of flying figures running across the stadium, a trademark style of the ceremony director Zhang YiMou. People might say that he's promoting his movie or so, well the style served the ceremony well.

There's the showcase of British flavors in the ceremony, as London will be hosting the 2012 Olympics then. Performers with umbrellas, transformable double-decker bus, Leona Lewis wit h Jimmy Page, and there goes the golden boy of British David Beckham.
I hate to say this but, the Brit's performance at the night was kinda disappointed. Maybe is because I'm not artistic enough, but I just can't feel the essence of their performance.

The world will be looking on London, how they going to host the games then. It should be getting better and better, and for now China has done the best, so it's quite a challenge for London to emulate China's achivements, and to further improvise the success.

Well, it's all over now. Lot's of excitement the athletes have gave us, Olympics at its best!

The ending theme for Olympics, "Hard to Say Goodbye" sang by a few Chinese artists.

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