13 July 2008


An update on what will going to happen within this month.

So just after we finished our AS exam last month, now we're embracing Test 6 which is planned sometime in late July, though Chemistry test 1 begins next Wednesday.

Sis CLH will be back in town after completing her degree in Shanghai. Hah now the home will not feel so empty then. I just hope everything goes along well and hopefully the volcano would never erupt, I simply can't stand it others went berserk because of small matters.

Meanwhile, these few weeks to come I'll be busy training for the football competition which will be held at the end of July and early August. Looks like my position is locked as the Left-Back. Tuesday will be playing a friendly match against another team.

Was thinking to get myself a new pair of football boots since the current Predator is kinda worn & the bladed studs are not suitable to play on the college field.
I wanna get this Nike Air Legend, but too bad I don't have that much money now. :(

Ah well, July is a month where everyone will started to get real busy. Everything seems to be moving at a faster pace and will only slows down near the year end. Regardless whether which field you're in, this is definitely not a time to slack around.

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