21 July 2008


Before I write about this chocolate cookie I'm feeling hungry now when looking at the pic...


Yay for Oreo!  :D

I believe most of us ate this piece of cookie, or heard about it before. One of the very popular cookies out there making its big time across the continents.

Mmm..... tasty cookies!  XD


Though I don't have the much chance to have this cookie, but still everytime I had it, I really enjoy it very much! Good things doesn't come all the time isn't it? So getting Oreo for myself is like rewarding & satisfying myself.

So, how do you usually take these cookies?

I usually dip it in milk, then eat it. A simple way but it's the best method to enjoy Oreo. Don't believe me? Then try it out yourself!

oreo milk 1

Dipping the Oreo into the milk will somewhat makes the plain milk taste chocolate too!

I also like to take in Oreo in the form of McFlurry, the dessert from McD.

mcflurry 2

Don't judge it from the pic just yet. Once you fed the first spoon, you'll soon finish off this glorious dessert in just a matter of seconds!

Oh another variant I saw it online but yet to try it myself is to make a cake out of Oreo! Tempting, isn't it? This makes me even hungrier now!  :S

oreo cake 2

So, why not share it with friends if this is such a good stuff? I had thought of this actually, but I think a single pack wouldn't satisfied so many friends eh...

oreo pack1

Mind you, around my seat in the lecture hall there's food lovers surrounding me. If I flash out this cookie, it'll soon lost from my sight. When I finally retrieve it again, it'll left the empty pack only.

Heh, when there's this good stuff, when you had the first piece, immediately there'll be the second one. If I really want to share it with everyone in the lecture hall, included the lecturers, I would need a box of these Oreos. Such glorious stuff, everyone simply love it!

So, what's your Oreo experience, and how you would usually eat Oreo? Here's 2 pieces of Oreos, hope you'll like it!  :D

oreo milk 2

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