23 July 2008

GOUF Ignited!

Few weeks ago I asked Kok Yi get me a Gundam model since I'm kinda bored. In the end he got me a HG 1/144 Rudolf's GOUF Ignited. Cost: RM 56.



I'm a big fan of mono-eye mobile suits, well this GOUF Ignited suit is one of my favourite mecha from Gundam SEED Destiny. This particular model, Rudolf's GOUF Ignited doesn't make appearance in the anime, instead it was featured in the manga (comic) novelization series, Gundam SEED Destiny Astrays.


A completed model (built by someone else on the net). Very shiny.... @_@

gouf_eg01 RudolfWittgenstein_Gouf

The box:


What you find inside the box.

Pic197 IMG_2126

Pic196 Pic195

Was excited when starting to build this model since this is my first Gundam model, heh. I spent half a day to complete it's body, then left the flight packs to be completed some other time when I'm free.

Partially completed, just finished it's upper body.


Completed bodywork.

IMG_2132 IMG_2131

The night when I completed the whole model. Took these pics with my phone.

PIC235 PIC238 PIC231

Some facts about this mobile suit:

GOUF Ignited is an upgraded model from the ZAKU series (another mono-eye suit). GOUF Ignited is being allocated by the elite pilots of ZAFT force.

A normal ZAKU Warrior.


Tactical-wise, GOUF Ignited is more suitable to close-combat battle rather than ranged battle. The only projectile weapon this suit has is the barrel cannon mounted on both hands. It's only useful for mid-range combat though.

Since it's a close-combater, you'll noticed this suit comes with 2 weapons, that is the "Slayer Whip" heat rod and the "Tempest" beam saber.

This suit is capable to operate in both outer-space and Earth atmosphere environment, given the Flight Pack mounted on its back.

The drawback for GOUF Ignited is that is not as versatile as the ZAKU Warrior because it cannot use the interchangeable weapon system that the ZAKU Warrior used. The weapon system allows ZAKU Warrior to adapt in different types of battlefield and strategy, making it an efficient unit in the battlefield.

Back to my model. The final product, pics are taken with a proper camera.



With and without the Flight pack deployed. (screwed beam saber on the left, flaw'd!)

IMG_2137 IMG_2138

Flight pack from another angle.

IMG_2156 IMG_2159

Close up


With other models I made. These are the LEGO Bionicles I bought back in 2001, my last LEGO purchase. Compare to the smaller model in the middle, the Bionicles are X100 easier to build.


It's not easy to build the Gundam model. Those parts are very fragile so you have to handle every single parts carefully. Thankfully I didn't ruined any of the parts, hah.

I do ruined the decals (stickers) though, it's much more fragile than the plastic parts. In the end I only stuck up a few decals that I managed to apply it properly, for the aesthetic white stripes on the armour and shield I messed up the decals.

Of course you can't compare the one I made with the model others made. Those are pro Gundam figure builders, noticed they repainted the parts to make it looks more attractive and cool.

I got the feeling that this wouldn't be the only Gundam figure that I will get. I'm considering getting myself some more models, especially the mono-eye family. I'm eyeing on Slash ZAKU Warrior & Blaze ZAKU Phantom. Tempting.... (of course, gotta burn a bigger hole on my pocket!)

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