10 July 2008

2009 Adidas football boots

It's been awhile since I received any news about the future of football boots. Recently found these pics on the net, clearly showing what Adidas is planning to release for year 2009. It wouldn't be too long until the next generation football boots to be released in year 2010.

Here's the pics, click for larger view.

Adidas TUNiT F50.9


F50.9 preview

Other than the aesthetic design, basically this is the same boots as the previous F50.8 series.

Adidas Predator PowerSwerve

predator preview

4 colours that planned to be released. Looks like Beckham's gonna get his new boots as well, this time is a ClimaCool boots.

AdiPure II

adipure2 preview

Don't expect too much change in it's appearance, as AdiPure series is mean to follow the retro styling. A tough competitor for Nike's Tiempo Air Legend.


  1. damn those adipures are sexy wen they come out

  2. are the adipures gunna have champions league edition also like the new adipures . and are they as comfortable asthe old ones cuz they dont look it

  3. are the new adipures gunna have champions league edition boot also like the old ones did and are they as comfortable as the old ones cuz they dont look it

  4. also another question when do these come out

  5. When will be boots coming out, I guess it'll be sometime around Dec '08 or Jan '09 as it's a 2009 edition boots.

    Not sure bout Champions League edition, but mostly no, or even if they're planning to release it, it'll be just another colour-swap.

    Adipure is comfortable, so says those who tried it out, it's similar to Nike's Tiempo Air Legend series.

  6. hi wen are these new predators going to be released? the white,black and red one are cool!

  7. can you show me a pictureof the new predator champions edition