02 June 2008

Feel Good Inc.

I finally found back the kind of feeling I experienced long long time ago, a very warm and joyful embracing moment, though all the feelings are actually just my imagination.

Because this is something I consider personal, so I will not go through everything here. You know, there's things that only yourself knows the best, and no one else. Just that, it's good to have this kind of dreamy thoughts once in awhile.

Looking at the thingy, my mind starts to play the imaginary like a slideshow....

Burst of Imaginations (click for larger pic, nice wallpaper)

When I was small, I love to imagine what my life would be decades to come. I mean, who wouldn't wonder what they're gonna be years to come eh? Especially as a care-free and innocent kid who love to think what the world will be when they grow up.

I imagined I have a successful and enjoyable career, a nice house and a happy family. Everytime coming back from work I'll be greeted by my lovely wife and maybe kids too. Hmm.... now that's the best thing I can ask for in my life. Kinda basic, but the most important is that this kind of dream is practical and possible, it can be the real future days to come, who knows?

Ideally, I have some choices playing in my mind as well, where my house would be, what type of house is it, what car model is it, who's the other significant half, details of the career, etc.

I still trust on the instinct, the imaginary picture painted in my mind.... the best place I could be in the world. Dunno how should I describe it, I found that this video may somehow give you an idea what kind of settings it looks like. Note that I'm not talking about the characters' interaction, just the surroundings.

Some hilly area, with lots of greens, looking at a vast landscape. Hmm.... my ideal mansion base? But the problem is I dunno where can I find that kind of places here in Malaysia. :S

It is funny that when I'm into the day-dream imaginary, I just focus on the thoughts until ignored all those things happening around me. I was having those "illusions" while in the car, where my parents talked quite a bit while on a way to a dinner. I just went blank for moments while thinking deep into the details, painting the picture right.

Right now, I'm nowhere close to what I imagined. I believe if I work hard, do the right things, get the timing right, things could just turns out to be true! I'm not thinking about an unrealistic dream, this is something can be achieved, and if I wanna enjoy the end result, I have to work it out on myself.

Visualizing your future is fun, as if you're the fortune-teller and you're looking into your own world years to come. Visualizing is part of the effort to achieve the goal, as Einstein said, imagination and visualization is infinity, and those imaginary could probably solve the question marks when scientific methods couldn't prove it out.

An interesting example is Kekule's finding in the benzene ring structure, which he's inspired by a day-dreaming, a snake biting on its tail.


I just hope that the dreams, imaginations and illusions, one day could be the reality. Ahah, CLF you gonna work hard for it then! :D

P/S: The title have nothing to do with the Gorillaz' song, also the same name.

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