04 June 2008

Dinner at Bryan's House

Since we're having a week holiday, Bryan decided to organise a BBQ dinner at his place yesterday.

His house is somewhere in Ampang.... an adjacent township which I rarely went to, so basically I'm not familiar with the roads. Got his address, and then tried Google Maps and Google Earth to plan how can I get to his house.

Going to the residential area is easy, but locating his house and the streets is troublesome! I spend 50% of my journey just to find his house!

I only realised this map is incorrect when I get back home....
bryan's house

Hahah luckily I managed to get to his house after awhile. Gee.... Google almost failed this time lol!

When I arrived it is still early, spend awhile chatting with friends there while waiting Bryan to fetch more people.

We start grilling the chicken wings first.

bbq chickenwings

Yee Kai seems to enjoy BBQing lol.


The glorious pumpkin soup! As you can see here, almost finish!


Eating the main course!


Everyone's favourite! Baked potato!


The girls, Mei Ying, Soo Fang, Bi Lyn & Joyce.


Everyone! Yeah!


A great dinner indeed, thanks to Bryan and his parents! Am looking forward for the next time.  :)

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