09 June 2008

Blog Overhaul

I've been stuck with this theme for over a year I think.
Planning to redesign everything after exam, which means probably the next weekend or later.

I know some people say it's kinda messy, to have ads running up on the blog and so on. Oh and I wanna clean up the sidebar too.

For the new banner/header I should shrink down the size. It looks kinda big to me even though my resolution is 1200*720. I dunno how it actually looks for screen with 1024 resolution. :S

I might want to make the background to be black, pure white, or maybe dark-red? I see many people's blog are in black background, which I found is kinda dull and too common, so I'm thinking of any nice colours combo to make it attractive. :P

Anyway while I'm planning for what I'm going to do next, it'll definitely take up some time to mess with those codes again.

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