30 May 2008

Temporary Exam Break

Finally can relax a little after today's cursed paper.

I dont really want to talk about the exam, but I dont think I've any much topics to talk about here other than exam, exam and exam.

Today the papers supposedly to be something I'm quite familiar with. To much of my disappointment, everything seems to wreck up.

Chemistry 2, the question looks kinda straight forward, looks easy at first, but I just can't came up with the answer at few parts. It seems that the Cambridge set some unpopular questions this time.
Organic chemistry question, I know what is the end product but I dunno how to draw out its structural shape duh!

Maths Applied paper, supposedly the better maths subject compared to Maths Pure, but this round the situation turn 180'.

Wasted precious time on figuring out a simple question, my brain doesn't seems to be functioning at the optimum level compared to what it used to work when doing exercises. Crap, hate the graph, especially the frequency density stuff. Curse it!

Sigh..... I like being cursed by Maths. Seems that everytime I must have done something bad in either one of the Maths, most of the time is Maths Pure, but this time is Maths Applied. :S

Well on the brighter side, Maths Pure takes up 60% of the entire Maths result while Maths Applied is just 40%. I hope My Pure will cover up my Applied!

So now, I have a week break before finishing off the damn exam. So far no plans to do anything though, maybe start of to revise those final papers?

Anyhow, to ease of the exam tension, I shall be nuking Isabella of Spain tonight, in Civilization IV.... the last standing nation in the game.
I'll start a new game with Stalin of Russia, the dictator of Soviet Union pretty soon....

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