11 May 2008

RIP senior

Life is short.....

Just received a tragic news from Yi Thong via MSN.

(link is written in Chinese)


If you dont understand what it means, allow me to brief you what really happened.

On the night of Sept 17, 2006, there's this boy Sze Jian, just finished his part-time job, is on the way back home by taking LRT.
While he's switching commuter near Masjid Jamek, there comes a robber out of nowhere, and rob him. It's not just that, the evil criminal hit the poor boy with something hard on his head, and then ran away.

Sze Jian still manage to inform his father he's been robbed, via a payphone (his handphone has been stolen). After that, he went unconscious for good.

He remain in coma for more than a year, and it's unfortunate that Sze Jian gasped his last breath today, 11th May 2008. :(

He's my senior in secondary school, a librarian. Although I barely spoke to him, well I know him because he's kinda close with some of the seniors which I usually hang out with. I guess they're feeling down upon hearing this tragic news now....

It's ironic that his demise is today, Mother's Day. It's sure hard for his mother to deal with this.... hoping for him to wake up from coma one day, but ended up laying him to rest in eternity....

Sze Jian & Yin Er, pic dated 2005, his last year in the school.
Got this pic from his Friendster, of course he couldn't login the account again....

Since the day he went into coma, there's no news about the damn guy who's responsible for causing his fatal injury. People blamed the police lack of efficiency, but I think no matter where you are in the world, there's no perfect police force and definitely, injustice is just happening everywhere.

Sigh, well rest in peace there my friend. Condolence to the family, and may the culprit face the worst punishment he could ever get....

RIP Sze Jian.

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  1. 真的很希望那些歹徒被雷劈!