12 May 2008

Philips SHP2000

Got myself this earphone today after couldn't find the Philips SBC HP195 I wanted. According to the staff in Carrefour that model is currently out of stock, duh! Dont want to wait for them to restock so I picked up another earphone, which the price is just a mere RM 5 difference. Quality-wise, I think I'm still quite satisfied with it. This Philips SHP2000 headphone cost me RM 50.

philips shp2000

Looks bulky isn't it? It is.... it's heavier than any previous headphones I've used before. Well at least it fits well on my head, not dangling around, pretty comfortable.

Sound-wise, it produces some of the best sound I've ever heard, I don't need to run the audio enhancement program (currently using SRS Audio Sandbox) and I'm impressed with the audio quality. Now I can enjoy a better music-listening experience on my laptop! :D

As you can see from the box, it's mean not just for PC use, it can be use for TV & other audio systems too, as it comes with an adapter to fit in the conventional 6.3mm audio jack.

Picking up the headphone, bulky.

Chilling with the new headphone.

I noticed something when checking the box.... it's a list of toxic chemicals present in the product. According to the list, this headphone contains Lead, Mercury, Cadmium, Chromium (VI), PBB & PBDE. All these are dangerous substance to human.

Everything in Chinese, obviously it's MIC (made in China).

Sounds like I better be careful handling this headphone, or else these heavy metals and complex molecules might do me harm! This is the first time I know headphone can be potential hazardous to human besides causing hearing problems.

On the downside, the headphone doesn't comes with a handy volume control. I have to set the volume via the laptop, such inconvenience. Although it's comfortable as I said, but after putting it on for sometime you'll feel tired because the extra weight you put on your head. Furthermore, poor ventilation in the covered earpiece makes the area around the ears sweaty after use.

I'm an audiophile, so I'm kinda fussy when choosing the right earpiece for the best music experience. Now I might consider getting another sound card, probably by Creative to further boosting the sound quality. Too bad the build-in audio system in Dell computers q(-__-)p . HP laptop comes with Altec Lansing speaker, cool isn't it?

In case you wonder why am I into audio stuffs this much, I might consider taking course related to this field after finishing my A Level studies. Still haven't really decide where should I go, but possible heading to LKWU. :)

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