10 May 2008

Lecturers' Departure

Thursday's last lesson of the day is our very last Biology practical session with Ms Koo. We're doing a food test experiment, as the experiment is set by her. We're kinda lucky we can repeat an experiment that we're supposed to know how to carry out last year. Our Bio practical is troublesome due to frequent-change of lecturers. At least for now we're able to handle it should it came out in the test....

Pic taken from Tiff's blog. Their class also doing the same experiment too.
Here shows 2 positive result for reducing-sugar test (orange & green).

Ms Koo is actually a retiree but she came out of the retirement because she promised Ms Chong to take over her class while Ms Chong's on confinement leave. Now that Ms Chong's coming back in a week's time, so Ms Koo has done her part and she'll be enjoying her retirement again.

Ms Koo is Ms Chong's tutor, so basically Ms Koo is a much more experienced lecturer compare to Ms Chong, heh. Ms Koo gain her "legendary lecturer" status as she's a popular lecturer during her 20+ years serving in the SPUS. She retired in year 2006, one year before I enrol into the SPUS. She's great, I think most of us like her way of conducting the practical lessons, very detail and we're clear on what we're doing for the experiment.

Some of the classmates taking picture with Ms Koo. I'm not in the pic, because I'm handling the camera obviously.

Enjoy your retirement there Ms Koo! Thanks for everything!



Friday is the last day Ms Lynn conducting her GP class with us. We're not surprise at all, as she told us earlier that she'll be leaving us once she's done with this semester. Well, what can I say about it? Staying in TARC becoming a lecturer isn't a good choice especially for those smart and ambitious people.

She's not the first lecturer leaving recently.

Mr Yap voiced out he wanted to try something new by resigning as full-time lecturer; Ms Ngow had left us after our trial exam for a better job in the other college. And now..... Ms Lynn's quitting her job in TARC. Sigh....

I think it's a big blow for our morale since we're going to sit for our exam pretty soon now, to have a mentor leaving us will definitely affect our emotion.

I know some classmates doesn't get into her like most of us do, but one can never deny that she's a highly intelligent lady, highly-knowledgeable and well-informed with most things happening around. She's been trying to persuade us to be like her, by read lots of books out there. She's a book maniac, I guess her addiction for books is far greater compared to my father.

Ms Lynn taught us the importance of one's self. Everyone is born with inert talent, and it's just a matter of fate whether the individual can discover it sooner or later. Self-awareness and consciousness is a very important quality that we have to be aware of it all the time. By able to control your mind and thoughts properly, you'll be showing your true self, and express the best in you to the world.

She's also a highly-controversial lecturer, by keep on questioning us and discussing some taboo issues we usually avoid to touch, such as religion matters, abortion, and some of the dark side of the society.

Ms Lynn says, teaching us General Paper is not finished by teaching what is stated in the syllabus. She's also responsible to prepare our mentality to face the unknown future that awaits us years to go. She has been through a lot of things in her life, so she know the blues and blacks of the world. We can only learn bits of it from her experience, the rest we've to learn it by our own experience.

Classmates with Ms Lynn. Nice pic, we're all laughing on what's happening with the camera's timer lol.

Thanks again for everything Ms Lynn!

At least the replacement for both out-going lecturers are acceptable. Ms Chong's resuming her usual post as our Bio lecturer, and Ms Jessyweena (how to spell?), the replacement for Ms Lynn is good too, I heard. I just hope things will turn out well for my last semester in TARC.

P/S: Bryan's post dedicated to Ms Lynn, worth to read it. You'll find out his class' surprise gift to Ms Lynn.  :)

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