17 May 2008

20 Questions on Blogging

Since this is post no. 1400, so wanna post something talk about my views on this blog. Just nice I came across these questions so felt like wanna talk about it here. :)

  • What goals do I have for this blog? Are they being met? Am I getting closer to meeting them?
Goals for my blog? To be honest I didn't really set a rule or so what my blog will achieve. All I want is to write up what I feel, what I like on my life and so far everything seems to be running according to the original plan. :)
  • Am I Interested in the Topic?
Definitely. I dont simple write things that I dont like.

  • Am I getting personal satisfaction from posting?
Yes, whenever I finish a post I felt some sort of satisfactory within myself. It's a relief to let out what's flowing in your mind all the time. Sometimes it might be bugging or annoying.

  • How Many Posts Did I write in the Last Month?
25 posts from April. Hmm.... looking at this figure, I realised I've written 20 posts (21 for this one) for May, and there's still half month to go! Possibly exceeding 30 this month. :)

  • Do I have time to keep the blog running?
I try my best to update this blog as frequent as I can, even if I'm kinda busy (like currently, exam period). Sometimes I need some sort of inspiration to start writing a post.

  • Is anyone reading my blog?
Yes of course. I've friends who're reading this blog, and some readers from other continents. Looking at the statistics, it's kinda freaky to see the majority of the readers of this blog is someone I dont even know! :S

  • Have I given it enough time?
Yes, I've been spending lots of time on this blog. I think 50% of my online time is spent on blogging, either reading or writing it.

  • Do I still see myself writing on this blog in 18 months time?
Of course! If possible I'll keep updating this blog for years to come! There's never ending! :D

  • Is the niche growing or dying?
Hmm.... looking at the stats, unfortunately the size is shrinking. I guess it's because I seldom write about traffic-driving source, those football stuffs. Either way, I'm glad to have more coursemates join me in blogsphere! :D

  • Is the blog earning anything?
Yep, earning some side-incomes through blogging is definitely one of the main driver behind all this! :D

  • Is the blog growing my profile and perceived expertise?
Somehow, I think yes, ain't sure bout this!

  • Are there any other benefits from this blog?
Getting know and interact with people not only from my country, but also get to know some new friends across the continent. :)

  • Is the blog giving energy to or taking energy away from me?
Rather draining energy from me. It's kinda tired to finish up a post, draining the resources in the brain to came up with something to write on here.
Sometimes after having lots of things happened in one day, and you have to write it on the spot, when you finish you basically just too tired to do anything else.

  • Is the Blog’s traffic and income growing or shrinking?
Traffic is decreasing, but thankfully income is not! :D

  • Are readers engaging with the content?
Only a few posts really "hits" them to give comments. I appreciate their comments though, as this blog isn't really a highly-commented blog.

  • If readers are commenting - what are they saying?
Mostly talk about their personal views on what I've wrote. I do welcome positive and negative feedbacks though, as I believe everyone has their right to speak up what they feel about things happening.

  • What are other bloggers writing about my blog?
No idea, so far haven't really came across other people commenting on my blog, not ever my friends who blog.

  • Do I have anything original and useful to say on my topic?
Original, yes of course, everything is just taken out from my mind! Some posts might be useful for some people.

  • What else could I do with the time that I spend on this blog
I dunno, maybe browse the net for more information, or gaming?

  • What would the impact be of me not blogging? (on readers and me)
Readers eh? Not sure though, probably lost another hangout place heh.

Well for me, the impact can be pretty nasty. I have put in a lot of effort and time in this blog, to able to maintain it since it's started in Nov 2004 until now isn't easy. Close to 4 years already, it's part of my life already.
Many things about my past is written in this blog, so if this blog is ruined *touchwood* or whatever, there'll be basically an empty gap in my memory, connecting myself before high-school and college-life (for now).

This blog is like a pensieve, like the one Albus Dumbledore used in Harry Potter universe. :)

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