12 April 2008

PC Fair April 2008

Yesterday went to PC Fair after class. Since none of my friend is able to make it that time, so again, I went there by myself.

Good thing is, I treat myself a nice meal of Japanese cuisine before moving on to the PC Fair.

Ah.... glorious unagi rice from Sushi King! :D

The arrangement for the PC Fair is still almost the same like previous fairs at the same place. 1st hall in top floor is flooded with top PC brands, and then 2nd hall is packed with bombing sound blasters, the world for audiophile like me. I bought an ear-bud earphone, it does filter out the noises around, but the sound is a little too bassy. I thought I wanna get a pair of Altec Lansing, maybe next time.

Eventually, this is all I bought....


The backpack cost close to RM 100, it's actually a laptop bag I plan to replace the Dell messenger bag.

A few ink cartridges, which are quite costly, ~RM90.

An external HDD 120GB for my relative, RM 199.

8GB Kingston pendrive, around RM 95.

Hmm.... I spend quite a lot this time.... I dont think I've anything else to buy for the next August PC Fair, maybe the Altec Lansing earphone? Hahah I'm quite demanding when it comes to audio stuffs because I love to listen music too much!

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