15 April 2008

Mobile Suit Gundam 00

gundam00 title

Ahah, another Gundam anime I've watched after Gundam SEED Destiny. Heh, Gundam 00 sure offers a total different experience compared to GSD.

The whole idea of Gundam 00 is totally different than in GSD. GSD mainly focuses on the battle between enhanced human living in the space colony versus the "pure" human beings living in Earth, with a tiny neutral nation stuck in the middle of crossfire;
In Gundam 00, the different nations in Earth are facing the challenge from a group from the outer space called Celestial Beings, whose objective is to eradicate war with violence, so called "poison counter poison".

Those who followed Gundam series since the earlier series will noticed the similarities of Gundam 00 and Gundam Wing, while comparing GSD to the original Mobile Suit Gundam series.

Unlike GSD, the settings in Gundam 00 is more realistic as it seems at the beginning (though it's still a pretty much fictional world). The intro of the anime is pretty much make sense in reality: the fossil fuels are depleting, so nations across the globe are sorting out alternative energy sources, and by building orbital elevator system they're able to generate energy via solar energy.

The Gundam Meisters (Gundam pilot): Setsuna, Allelujah, Lockon, Tieria.


In terms of action, Gundam 00's battle scenes wouldnt disappoint fans, each of the battles are unique as there's no repetition in the fighting scene, unlike GSD which recycles the same battle scenes over and over again. Further more, in Gundam 00 each of the mobile suits, let it be the Gundams or enemy MSs are given enough exposure to showoff the abilities of the suits. All the mobile suits in the series are totally fresh design (0 Gundam the exceptional case) and they broke the traditional styles of a Gundam.

The 4 Gundams, clockwise from top: Virtue, Kyrios, Exia & Dynames.


Gundam Exia, Dynames, Kyrios & Lockon in action.


First battle: AEU Enact prototype VS Gundam Exia.

enact exia

Lockon preparing to snipe inside Dynames.

lockon snipe

Gundam Nadleeh, Dynames, and Exia.


Gundam Throne Eins, Zwei, Drei.

gundam thrones

Gundam Throne Zwei executing a Union Flag.


Gundam Throne Eins slashed by Union Flag Graham custom.


The enemy mobile suits do look good though, and I personally like the suit Union Flag very much, thanks to the sufficient exposure displayed by the Union ace pilot Capt. Graham Acre.

Svms-01 Union Flag

In Gundam 00 the mobile suits played a large role of the entire story. The engine the Gundam used is the reason Gundams are far superior than Earth MS in the early acts of the series. Close to the ending of 1st season, the Earth nations finally fought back with their new MS which also deploys similar engine, having its performance and power on par with the Gundams.

GN-Flag, the upgraded version of Union Flag which runs on the similar Gundam engine, which emits the red particles.

GN Flag

As the story developed, to many fans' dismay, the ending for season 1 is pretty sad, as the good guys are almost wiped out, while the baddies are still lurking around. The survivors from the good side will played more roles in the 2nd season. Can't wait for it!

GN-X deploying.


Finale battle between Gundam Exia and the mobile armour Alvatore.

Gundam 00 - 24 - Large 30

Gundam Exia in Trans-Am mode, after defeating Alvatore.


00 Gundam - the mobile suit that will change the world in the 2nd season.

Gundam ooi

Too bad the music in Gundam 00 is not as great as in GSD. There's some nice tracks in Gundam 00, but due to too many repetitions, it sounds like lack of creativity, and hard to distinguish one track than another.

Overall, I like Gundam 00 pretty much, and I might perhaps consider getting myself as plastic model of one of the mobile suits, heh. October..... season 2 begins.

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