27 April 2008

Kenny G Live in Genting!

Ah, another fruitful trip up to Genting! This time I went up there to enjoy some nice and relaxing saxophone pieces by the man who brought saxophone to fame, Kenny G himself!

Before the show starts, I've managed to get his new album "Rhythm and Romance" for RM 30, and to my surprise Kenny himself is just a few steps away sitting there signing autographs!

Crowds lining up for Kenny's autograph.

Kenny G up close.

Blurred pic, oh well.

Signed album cover!

From my experience coming to Genting watch concerts, this is the first time I've seen the artist did such thing! Usually the artists will be hiding backstage preparing for the concert, but Kenny turns up near the entrance to entertain the fans, which is great! Apparently he went to prepare himself 5 mins after he signed my album (lol lucky). He's a man full of surprises, as he said he'll be continue signing autographs for those who got his album after the show ends, great for those who missed his autograph session earlier.

I noticed there's 2 yellow-ribbon sofas placed in the centre of the first row VIP seats. I knew some royals will turn up for this concert. Well, guess who's here tonight, Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin, the King of Malaysia and his consort is here! This is the first time I came close to a Head of State, he looks far younger than I thought, well of course he's just in his mid-30s.... usually the Kings are quite 'aged'. Anyway waiting for the King delayed the show for 20 mins, it's still acceptable I guess.... any delay goes beyond 30 mins is outrages in my opinion. No pics of the King, he sits too far beyond my camera range.

Kenny start the show with an unusual move, when the band plays on the stage, he appears out of nowhere from the entrance, playing his sax while walking down towards the stage. He paused in between the seats, and I'm lucky as he paused and played just a few seats from where I'm seated. Another close up with Kenny! :D

Kenny performing in the midst of the crowd.

Kenny up front!





Best pic of the day! :D

All right I'm done with the pics now. Here's a short videoclip I managed to capture....

According to Kenny, this is his 2nd time performing in Malaysia. He tried to converse in Malay but he keeps on forgetting what he memorised earlier. In the end he take out a piece of paper and read it out straight from it, funny. For a westerner like him, he speaks pretty good Malay, especially his clear pronunciation. I'm pretty sure the King was entertained by this as well.

Kenny and his band performed some familiar pieces like "Silhouette", "Sentimental", and"Havana" (my fav!). He also played samples from his new album. Many are familiar with his pieces, especially when he played "Moon Represents My Heart", a well-known Chinese ballad.

His band did an awesome job for putting the music together so well, and the audiences are overwhelm with their performance. Gotto love the muscular & energetic percussionist who played a few solo pieces while Kenny's preparing at the backstage.

The concert lasted for a good 2 hours, and his encore pieces included "My Heart Will Go On", and his trademark "Songbird".

None of us are disappointed with the concert, everyone is delighted with it and for me, it's one of the best concert I ever attended so far! :D

I regret that I didnt bring my camera along.... those pics are taken with my Nokia 5310, at least I still able to capture some nice pics, because who would've thought Kenny will perform right in front of you? Hahah, Americans are full of surprises....

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