30 April 2008

Enjoy @ TARC

Today is been a pretty fruitful day for me in college, though I'm totally exhausted right now.

Last night woke up sharp at 4am, it was too hot to continue sleep, and coincidentally the match between Man Utd & Barcelona is happening at the moment. I didnt turn on the TV as I just cool myself down with few glasses of H2O, then back to bed.

Have to wake up earlier than usual today because I'm going to McD to collect free burgers for friends as today is the last day to collect free burgers (courtesy of school admin lol). Was caught in a slight jam on MRR2, apparently there's a serial accident happened on the opposite direction, which of course, cause massive jam on the opposite road. From what I observed, I'm glad that no casualties are reported, just that I'm sakit hati to see Mercedes and BMW are crashed in the front and rear.

Surprisingly for me, it took 5 mins to get the burgers, way faster than previous days when I've to wait 15 mins to get the burgers done. I also ordered apple and banana pies, which I find it taste very, very good!

Pic124 Pic125

Sausage McMuffin for Hong Liang, Chie Guan & Ivy.
Pic126 Pic127

Hahah the McD junk food taste very good! I rarely take fast food and I still find that McD still keep up their good food quality (compare to KFC, which I commented their chicken size is shrinking everytime I try it). The pies.... ah glorious pies! :D

(I teased Tiffany in the lecture hall, and now she's taking revenge on my in her blog, hahah!)

Mr Low, our beloved Chemistry lecturer, didnt failed to make us 'getting more and more interested' in Chemistry.... Now we're on comparing acidity of ethanoic acid, phenol, wather & ethanol.... kinda confusing because you've to take into considerations of the nature of the substituting groups. EDG and EWG..... @__@

All of us are cracking our head during Pure Maths lecture. Mr Teo the temporary replacement lecturer, spent 50 mins just to answer a Differential Equation.
(x²+1)² dy/dx = y³+8 is
the question, looks simple and innocent right? Wait until you solve it one by one.... to our horror. We're doubtful whether the standard for the exam will really came out tough questions like this, or it's just an imaginary out of Mr Teo's brilliant mind? Then again, to me he's a historian who's teaching us Maths, unfortunately.

During lunch break I didnt went to TBR as usual because my gang are having their MUET practise. Spent the whole hour in canteen 1 chatting with friends.

Yu Lee's nice file cover. Made by CQ as her birthday present.

Playing with CQ's Nokia 5200.

The last lesson of the day is Physics lecture. Ms Ong paused her normal lecture to discuss past year questions with us. I'm still waiting her to discuss year 2007 papers as I dont have the marking scheme yet.

Finished lesson, I went to CIT lab with Martin to kill some time before heading to the futsal court. Thanks to the absence of most diploma students, the internet speed is significantly faster than normal. :)

I played football by myself while waiting the guys to turn up. To my dismay, the ball suffers from its first bruise when I hit the ball around the court. The ball Teamgeist Glider, is definitely not a ball for futsal as it bounces a lot and it's heavier. I understand that this ball is actually meant to be played on grassfield instead of astroturf.

A short clip, my mate Martin flicking some tricks.

Many people turn up for the game, far more than I expected. All of us enjoyed the game, though it's obvious that most of us are driven into exhaustion due to the excessive gameplay, or maybe is the fact that many of us haven't been exercising for some time. It's understandable that playing under shiny weather is much more exhaustive than playing in the rain.

The reason why I'm pushing myself to my physical limits today is because at least I can wake up late for tomorrow, it's a public holiday. Some people forgotten that April has only 30 days instead of 31, and 1st of May is Labour's Day. :)

That's it for the update, I've used up my last remaining energy to finish off this post.... Time to sleep!

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