25 March 2008

Lecturers' Evaluation

Today Ms Hwang interrupted Mr Yap's Applied Maths past year questions discussion to let us do a survey to evaluate the lecturers. Heh, this is the time when students can voice out their opinions bout the lecturers anonymously. Usually students went to the office to lodge complaint, but of course showing yourself complaining might damage your reputation so, some ought to write it instead of voice it out in the office, like me!   :D

Looks like my lecture hall, but it's not!

I've been quite kind actually, because I think all the lecturers are doing a good job teaching us, except for some special cases.

I gave quite high rating for Mr Low & Ms Chong, both of them teaches my fav subject, Chemistry & Biology respectively. They did a very good job, at least from my view. At the comments I wrote Mr Low "a very nice guy", and for Ms Chong's part, I want her to come back teach us soon! She's taking maternity leave now.

Ms Ngow & Ms Ong has been doing a great job for their part too, both of them get quite high rating from me too. Both of them work really hard to prepare all the teaching materials, and I think their lecture are quite OK too. I used to have problems for their subjects but now I'm doing pretty smooth here. Kudos to the lecturers!
Almost forgot bout Mr Yap, the mischief genius. His lecture is one of the most looking-forward class, but too bad now he only do past year questions discussions with us because he's done with the lectures! And, most of us enjoy his sinister jokes, especially when he grabbed student's food as "tax" LOL! He's such a funny lecturer, but he's very smart, very very smart I've to stress out.

Ms Marilyn, she may be a good lecturer, we enjoyed her GP class very much, but for the sake of our exam, we are not doing very well in terms of preparing for the paper. She's a highly intelligent lady, lots of experiences she has, wonderful charisma, she's the bomb in the class, but.... if she still failed to turn out to the class, we'll miss more GP lessons. which means we're learning less things. I think it's not fair to put all the blame to her, as she only take over from the previous GP lecturer due to some riffs between the students and the previous lecturer. Her days teaching us are numbered, as she'll be quitting this job soon, so I guess we really have to appreciate the last lessons with her.

I felt I bashed Ms Geraldline too lightly this time. I can understand that she's new in the scene, but from the way she introduce herself to us, I think we're pretty much disappointed because we hold high expectations from her. She said she's done her Master in Bio now, and planning to further study Ph.D soon. Well, she said she successfully genetically-implant a human gene into a banana. Achievements sound good, but for her lecture.... very disappointed. I guess we're too pampered by Ms Chong, so it's hard to get used to her teaching. Furthermore, she's messed up with the syllabus.... to our horror. I'm still skeptical whether is she teaching the right thing now? I thought we're suppose to learn nervous system, but she's teaching hormonal controls? Hmm..... I should've deducted her ratings hahah. She's just taught us for the 2nd day, I think we need some time to get used to her way 'eh?

I've lots of respects to a teacher or lecturer, because I think it's not easy to be a teacher, one have to work really hard and sacrifice lots of time for the sake of students. Although I've some remarks on certain lecturers, I still hold a degree of respect towards them and I will not speak too badly bout them, heh.

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