12 March 2008

Funny Dream

Hahah, I just dream of something fun.... something I wish I could dream on forever lol!

It may be no big deal for you, but it's really an excitement as if it really happens in the real life. I still can remember the dream vividly.... because it's something close to my daily life.

It starts with another usual morning weekday going to college. Greeted by a few friends in the classroom, then found out that there's a football competition in college and my gang are chosen for the game. Was excited, so went to the field to train with fellow friends and to check out the other teams as well.

Compare to last year, this time the event is much grande style. Lots of teams participate the competition, including kids from nearby schools!

So the time is close to 8am. The ceremony will start sometime around 8.15am. I only realised that I forgot to bring my football boots go.... I immediately borrow a friend's car drive home to get the boots. I felt funny is that my house suddenly is so close to the college, just a few turns at the hilly road reaches my house. Dream can be crazy you know. Wasted no time to grab my gears and rush back to college.

Back there, I still can remember I hear from the broadcast the competition is sponsored by a sports facility company based nearby, hahah, as if it's real....

Glad I rush back in time to the college. I changed my boots and waited my mates to march on the field together. Then again, dream tweaks the reality, I dunno how on Earth I've got a pair of F50.8 TUNiTs at my disposal! How great it can be..... because F50.8 is very expensive over here. I march on with my red Predator on the left foot, and the white/blue F50.8 on my right lol!

The "dream boot", F50.8 TUNiT.

When our team march on, coursemates from SN8ABC went up the field to cheer and support for us. Hahah, it really feels damn good to see friends backing us................. !!!

Well, I was waken up from the dream after the cheers and taunts. Sheez.... why dont just let me continue to dream on until the match finish? Dream on lol!

The first thing I do when I woke up is laugh out loud (LOL) for this funny dream I had.

Yes, I'm too addicted to football already. I cant wait for the next college football competition in July! I wanna revenge for myself and the gang for last year's game.....

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