26 March 2008

F1 @ Sepang videos

I'm done processing the vids now, enjoy! :D

Video #1: The King's escort. (~0.30 min)

The monarch's car flanked by police Honda bikes escort, followed by Perdana V6, then the King's Rolls Royce Silver Seraph. Behind the grande limousine is a BMW 7 series, a previous gen BMW 5 series, another Perdana V6, a Toyota Alphard, BMW X5, puny Proton Iswara and lastly another royal's car, Porsche Cayenne.

Video #2: The race. (~2 mins)

Compilation of few videoclips taken during the race, pretty impressive.

* Be wary of the sound from this vid, if you watch it live, the noise is 100 times louder than in the video! Noise pollution....


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