27 March 2008

Beckham's Golden Boots

At last Becks won his 100th cap for England national team!
Let the pics do the talking here. (Click for larger pics)

Becks chasing the Europass ball. (Didnt expect to see this ball in action prior EURO '08.)

Anelka VS Becks.

Adidas Predator PowerSwerve DB Gold VS Nike Tiempo Legend.

Previously another galactic star worn a golden boots as well. That was Zidane's Predator Absolute during World Cup 2006.
Here's some pics for you to recall and compare 2 golden boots.

For people who're not into football boots business, hardly can recognise the difference of 2 boots.
They'll simply say, it's just a pair of boots in gold colour with some white stripes. Heh, big mistaken. Zidane worn the previous generation Predator Absolute while Beckham's wearing latest Predator PowerSwerve.

I'm not fancy with the golden boots, thinking it's too flashy to wear it on the field.
Besides, Beck's golden boots are rumoured to be another limited edition boots, not for sale in anywhere, just like Zidane's golden boots.

You can read more bout Beckham's Adidas Predator boots here, with pics of the boots he worn since 2002.

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