09 February 2008

Some pics of F50.8 TUNiT

So far I havent heard any news bout the releasing of the new 2008 Adidas F50.8 TUNiT, nor seen any players wearing it now, but Soccer.com had put up these boots on sale on their site.

Let's check it out.


Black/white kit pack.

Red upper chassis

ClimaCool upper chassis.

I did mention that the unique style you can observe from 2008 TUNiT boots are the back-heel part are semi-transparent, which means you can look through the boots.
Pretty sleek stuff, I've seen Umbro trying to make semi-transparent style on the boots but they made it on the sole, making it least obvious than this F50.8 TUNiT.

No news when it's coming out, even top TUNiT players like Messi and Podolski still wearing the F50.7 TUNiT. I expect this boots will be launch either in March or April, pretty soon.

It looks good in terms of aesthetics, but performance-wise, will it improve the game for the footballers?

Source: Soccer.com

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