16 December 2007

First day owning the laptop

Geez, I started to felt that I'm isolated after getting this new laptop.

I rarely online MSN these days because the old desktop's memory hog making me no mood to boot up the MSN; there're too many features to be tried in this new laptop making me even more lazier to chat with others!

I've been spending much time customizing the laptop, tuning and tweaking settings, discovering new stuffs, experimenting choices, etc. I am still yet to adapt and get use to a laptop.

So far the experience of playing with Windows Vista is pretty good. Although I've backup data from the desktop, I did not load all of 'em into the laptop. 

The performance reaction is fast, I can load things swiftly and hassle-free. I'm having no problem running a few memory-hogging programs together (eg: listening songs, chatting, blogging and downloading at the same time).

As for Internet browser I've been switching from IE and Firefox on and off, confusing myself.  @_@

My wallpaper:



That's all for today's Vista journey, I will try to explore more it's functions to make full use of it's potentials!   :)

1 comment:

  1. looks like someone has a new toy....

    i'm GREEN with envy.....