31 December 2007

End of Times, 2007

Hey hey! To me it seems that year 2007 passed very fast indeed!

As previous years, I've gain a whole lot of new experience in this year. This blog also undergoes some changes as well.... and I'm glad that this blog "survived" for another year to come!

Here's my own summaries of something happened in 2007, with most of 'em covered in this blog.

  1. January 2007
  2. Feb 2007
  3. March 2007
  4. April 2007
    • Attending National Service, separated from Internet for good.

  5. May 2007
  6. June 2007
    • Replaced my ageing mp3 player with a Creative player.

  7. July 2007
  8. August 2007
  9. Sept 2007
    • Surprisingly nothing much happen in this month, except for 2nd college test.

  10. Oct 2007
  11. Nov 2007
  12. Dec 2007
Looking back at my resolution for year 2007, I realised I've achieved most of the goals, except for a few one.
Yes, I've got my new laptop.
I've took a pre-U course en route to my university degree.
I've learn how to drive.

I did not score as well as I expect in my SPM.
I did not get a new handphone (partially untrue, as I've switched from my Nokia 1100 to 1110i)
Lastly, I'm still single!

Year 2008 will be a crucial year for me. I'll be facing 2 major exams, AS (May) and A2 (Oct). This exam result will be very important for my pursuit in university degree courses. So far I'm still considering what courses I'll take for university.

I did not give up my interest in studying in Geography and Humanities (Anthropology & Sociology), as this is the courses I think of originally.
Secondly, I've a choice to turn myself into a sound engineer, as there's a course I'm interested in LKWU, Diploma in Sound and Music Technology.

As it, there's still sometime to go before I'm deciding which course I'll be doing next. No matter which path it is, my future will be determine by it. So, there's no room for error then.

I think, year 2008 will be very interesting for me, we'll see. ;)

Last but not least, I hereby wishes all of you out there, blog-readers, visitors, pass-byers, strangers, a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

!~!~!~ {Happy New Year} ~!~!~!
:) *[-2008-]* (:


  1. beatiful years for u!! congratulations for yuor blog, so cute by by marta