12 December 2007

Cameron Highlands Trip

Last weekend I went to this highland gateway with family, along with father's sports members. This is my first time coming here, and I like it.

Going there from KL is quite easy, as there are two routes to choose to reach there. We took the so call new route from Simpang Pulai. It took roughly 3 hours to reach there from KL.


First impression Cameron Highlands gave me is that it resembles Sabah alot. Sabah is the mountainous state in the Borneo island, which the highest peak in the country stands, the Mt. Kinabalu.
The scene filled with lush green trees, plants, as well as the chilly weather.


Basically, agriculture is the main source of income there, as they're the supplier of fresh vegetables and fruits to other states in Malaysia and also Singapore. The second income comes from tourism, obviously.


Mountainous region like this suppose to be pretty deserted, but not for Cameron Highlands. We even experience traffic jam up there not once but almost everytime when we move to do sight-seeing!
You can see many cars from different states in Malaysia, even foreign cars from Singapore and Thailand!


We've spent most our time visiting farms and plantations, as well as local markets to shop for goods. Vegetables and fruits are fresh and cheap here, a haven for green lover!

IMG_0834 (Large)

Tea plantation.

Strawberries. They're all mad with strawberries up here!

IMG_1031 (Large)
View from Rose Centre.

Me, taken at BOH Tea Plantation.

In front of the San Bao Buddhist Temple, not so far from the place we stay.

Biology experimental samples
While my short-stay here in Cameron, I was assigned a task by my Form 6 friends to get them some plant samples.


On our journey back to KL, the weather is pretty bad. It was foggy, visibility is reduced to 10m in front of us.

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  1. wasn't the drive into BOH estate nice ? - narrow and winding.....

    went up last year, but understand current condition there is rainy daily......

    missed the pasar malam there......

    stayed at star regency, so pasar malam was right at the doorsteps....