01 November 2007

Test III

My last test for this semester is just less than 2 weeks to go. Now this time the test is different than the previous tests. As you can see, the college decided to make this test a simultaneous test for all A Level SN8 ABCDEF+PQ classes, and the test venue is set in the college hall.

The test will last for a week(3 days in a week actually), and after that, 1.5 months of holidays awaits! Before we get too carried away with the holidays, lecturers constantly remind us that the real stress of studying A Level is just about to be unfold next year. We're advised to revise all the topics we've covered so far.

I'm thinking going for SPM reference books to brush up some part of AS syllabus. I might ask for a job to prepare those tuition notes again in the tuition centre? I've told the boss Mr Goh bout my situation and he's going ease with me for getting study resources for free. After all, he is my tutor back then, heh.

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